Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

Here is a classic scam from Craigslist.They offer to buy your item you advertised via classified for more money than you ask for ($375 in my case, he offered $500).They even give you a bleeding heart story about wife dying in accident.

From: ike derico Alright,i live in North Georgia United State.Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i wont be making any repairs on it,i will like to offer you $500 including packing materials without you paying for any shipping charges b'cos i already have an account with FedEx,i would have loved to make the payment in cash and carry but we are not in the same state so i will like to go ahead with the payment by sending you a Money Order But i will need your contact infomation in which the money will be deliver ok.I wonna buy this [item name] for my step son to fulfill the promise his mum made before she died,i lost my lovely wife to an auto accident on 29th of June 2005 and since then i and her step son john have been living seperately and i want to buy this item for him because his mom promised him before death took her away from us and i think with this i and tobi can live as a family. Kindly get back to me immediately you receive my e-mail and i will like you to take it off craigslist for auction cos am serious in buying it.So let me have your full infomation ofr pyment to be made.... Best Regards. .I.Derico

Note how they can't pick up proper English names? I got another from 'ortega hanson'.



i got the exact same email from 2 different people

I really appreciate your response to my email. I want you to consider it sold, Pls do withdraw the advert from CL to avoid disturbance,anyway I don't have time to come over to take a look because of my Business but you don't need to bother yourself with the shipment, I'll take care of that by engaging the services of a shipper, hence I'll be sending a Certified check and it will be delivered to you via United Parcel Service (UPS), so I'll need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check.

Full name on the check.
Full Physical address to post the check
City, State and Zip Code
Home & Cell Phone to contact you.

Note that the payment will be shipped to your address via UPS NEXT DAY AIR SERVICE and I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping i will have my shipper to come over as soon as you have cashed the check*

N.B UPS does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.Thanks

this one was from John Hernandez and the other guy didnt see that his real email address was showing. here his blind response

Sounds Good,

I am ready to purchase it asap.I anticipate that I'll have a Certified Check issued out to you from my bank.I'm in no rush with you till fund's are cleared in your bank which takes only a day. You do not have to bother yourself about the shipping. I'll instruct a Shipping Co Agent to come for pick up at your door,when you must have gotten your cash at hand. Kindly e-mail me back with your physical address such as :Name,Address (NOT City, State, Zip-code, Phone Number.I will be sending the payment via Overnight FedEx Express Mail Delivery .You can delete the advert asap


Robert Hook

Just so everyone is aware,

Just so everyone is aware, CECE JONES, is still alive and well and still sending out, virtually verbatim, the same scam ad as is listed here from 2010

Also several "replies" to Craigslist come up with half naked women who are most certainly NOT looking to buy your item!

Oh, my gosh!! here it is,

Oh, my gosh!! here it is, almost 2013 and I just got almost the same email, this time from Michael Fottrell.....jerks!!!

I had a similar situation --

I had a similar situation -- but the person actually sent me three money grams --fake-- each for almost 10 times the price I was asking for my item listed on craigslist. When we reported this to the police they did not care -- said we had been warned by the scam postings on craigslist and besides we were out nothing. These are fake, fraudulent, money orders and you would think someone would care. I am very surprised!

dennis mark bell/ email address

This guy is still @ it.....His motto:Offering more money for an item on Craigslist. Just recently offered just a few days ago. Giving a New York address, but Baltimore, MD Wire Address with a Sonora California Phone#. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT. IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO STEAL FROM THE POOR & ELDERLY.THE POLICE WILL GET YOU ONE DAY....IT'S JUST A MATTER OF TIME. I HAVE YOUR INFO, AND YOU ARE GETTING SLOPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel for you all, but one day they will get his/her ass!!!!!!

It's 2013 and denniskiss0 is still at it

I got an e-mail signed by Downey Linklater, but displayed as Dennis Markbell. It came from and it said:

Hi there.

How are you doing today. I'm the person that sent you a text last time concerning the ...(product name). I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. I've gone through the item once again on Craigslist and am interested in buying. But am out of town now for a business purpose so i will have my assistant to mail you a check for the payment in the amount of your asking price. And once you receive the check in the mail and after you have it cashed at your bank. I'll send my delivery service to come and pick up the ...(product name) for me at your location. I would also offer you an extra $50 on the check for holding the item for me. Get back to me with your

CELL PHONE #. to send you the check in the mail. And kindly take the posting off Craigslist and consider it sold to me.

Thank you

Hello, The same thing just

The same thing just happened to me and I received a check in the mail today. I am terrified because they have my personal information. Have they annoyed or harassed you in any way, do you have any tips for me, and where should I turn the check to? I am so lost, I don't know what to do. I am also thinking of just telling them the bank kept the check because they thought it was fraudulent, maybe they won't bother me anymore. Please let me know! Thanks.

don't reply

I would just end all contact with them entirely. They'll move on to someone more lucrative.

Im curious as to what

Im curious as to what happened next.
Unfortunately my boyfriend gave my name and address. Have you had personal contact with theses people.
Im assuming they are trying to access identities and bank accounts.
Looking forward to your response.

Im sorry for you-

mo fraud on craiglist

I am at present in the same situation as you were, pl advise as how you got out of it
thanks Gopal