Email scam: professional personal assistant for an electronics company

Here is another scam offering a job of "professional personal assistant" for a fictitious company.

From: Jond Donald
Subject: J&C Electronics Pvt.Ltd

Good day,

We are glad to offer you a job position in our company [J&C Electronics Pvt.Ltd] As part of our Multi Level Marketing Network, we seek capable individuals to work for us as our International representative In Arab such as KUWAIT,UAE,QATAR AND SO ON.

Due to my very busy work schedule, I require assistance on some very important personal issues. I'm looking for a professional personal assistant thats

So If you are intersted back to me with the application bellow :

First name :
Last name :
Full Address :
City :
State :
Country :
Zip Code :
Tel numbers :
Age :
Occupation :
Email :



Message from Samir Younes(LAWYER)

Good Day,

I need a PA to help me monitor and keep up to date with all my activities.I have had a previous PA who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of my life for the past 6 months, she has since returned to her country. I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been.
I'm Samir Younes , 54 yrs of age, originally from Chicago, Illinois. I spent a whole lot of my life in Maine . I'm a lawyer by profession and I have been pretty successful in a handful of ventures I get involved in; from the Angel Investment Network in Canada and United State to various welfare and community service programs, I most very often get my hands occupied, so it is imperative for me to have a worthy assistant who can monitor and keep me up to date with my activities.

As my assistant, your activities amongst other things will include.
*Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring.
*Scheduling programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them.
*Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence when I'm away.
*Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf.
*Handling and monitoring some of my financial activities.

Basic wage is 10% of every payment from my client.

This position is home-based and flexible, working with me is basically about instructions and following them, my only fear is that I may come at you impromptu sometimes, so I need someone who can be able to meet up with my irregular timings.There is also a very sensitive issue on trust and accountability which I believe will resolve itself as time goes on. This is only an introductory e-mail, as time goes on we should be able to
arrange a proper meeting to get things started officially.

I'm currently in the UK now for a summit, however, I do have a number of things you could help me with this week if you will be available for me. This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship.

If You will be available for this job position , send me a confirmation e-mail.
Hope to hear from you again.

Best of Regards.

Mr.Samir Younes

I also just recieved this

I also just recieved this email,and it is the first of its kind, so thanks for posting this, as i just typed to check if it is scam.

received same email

I received the same email and i requested an interview and an address for the company and then i received the following email. i googled the name to see if it was a scam..and it is!!!

Thank you for your response regarding the Personal assistant job
offered.I have just received your confirmation e-mail.I'm sure you'll
understand I tend to have a very busy schedule at this point.Please
note that this position is not office based for now because of my
frequent travels and tight schedules, it's a part-time, work from home
basis and the flexibility means that there will be busier weeks than
others, so it's a little difficult judging the exact number of hours
you'll be doing per week. If you can manage your time properly,this
job may even give you some extra while you do something else on the

As I have said, I'd want us to get a head start with things as soon as
possible. I do have a pile up of work and a number of unattended
chores which you can immediately assist me with and i hope we can meet
up with the workload eventually.

I will be traveling down for a court hearing in Australia for one Mrs
belinda wells who has being humiliated by her husband.She has filed a
divorce against him and needs to gain custody of her kids.I am an
attorney who handles cases involving divorce and child custody.A lot
of women around the world her humiliated by their husbands.After
handling 2 cases some years ago,I became interested in cases involving

I believe women should be their guardian.This has increased my passion
for children.I want to come closer to them and really want them happy
because they are innocent and they don't deserve to suffer.For some
years,I have been visiting Orphanage homes around the world and have
been helping them both with material things and cash.If the rich in
this world take it upon themselves to send at least 5% of their income
to orphanage homes,then these children will have course to
smile.Thanks as you join me in bringing smiles to the faces of these

Permit me to use the coming week to test your efficiency and diligence
towards all this, also to work out your time schedule and fit it to
mine.I really need to find the perfect person for this job, I'm
confident you can take up the challenge and on the long run we should
have a relatively sound working relationship between us. I am glad you
are willing to work with me and i promise to be a good boss. I am also
glad on the commitment in working. I have been checking my files and
what i would want you to do for me this week is to run some errands
out to some of the orphanage home, I do that every new month.

The funds will be in form of check and it will be issued to you
including your salary, am going to email the list of what to do to you
as soon as i compile them all but it will be better to wait till you
get the fund before i give you the list . You will make some
arrangements by buying some stuff for the orphanage kids at any
nearest store around.For your application for this job position , i
want you to get back to me with your information as requested in the
list below :



FIRST NAME………………………….........................

LAST NAME………………………………

HOME ADDRESS (* NO P.O. BOXES*) …………………………………………………………



ZIP CODE……………………………….........................

PHONE NUM(S)................................



MARITAL STATUS……………………...........................



1.Have you ever been a Personal Assistant......................... ?

2.If you have been a Personal Assistant before,how long and was it for
a company or an individual................................?

3.Can you communicate effective and efficiently............................?

4.Do you have a job as at now...........................................?

5.Will you be able to run errands 2 hours per day for and will be
needed 3 days per week................................................?


Once i received your Resume and contact information as requested above
i will get back to you with the task for this Month. Please understand
you will be paid for the first week immediately as i have stated in my
message above ,its important for me to have everything setup before i
get back from my trip.

Thank you for your understanding and support.I look forward to a
successful dealings and best of your service soon.

Best of Regards,

Mr.Samir Younes.

another victum

I too got the email for a PA position for a Mr. Samir Younes. When I got the email I was currently looking for a job and thought that it would be a great experience. I emailed him saying I was interested in the job. After that he emailed me back saying he needed my information. I was careless enough not to check to see if it was a scam before sending him my information. When I saw this website I knew that I had been fouled. I immediately wrote back denying the job saying that I was going to leave the country in a false emergency. I hope that this works so I can stop all contact with him. I just want to warn people, specially students because this scam was posted in my school website. Usually the school checks for scam artist. I just hope that another student didn't fall for this as well as I did.

ahh I got this email as well.

ahh I got this email as well. At first I was a little excited, considering I'm looking for a job, and it came through my campus e-mail, something I do not give out unless I trust the source- i.e., for correspondence within my university ONLY. I'm glad I googled to find that it is indeed a scam. How strange that it came through my otherwise very secure campus e-mail system.


i got this email yesterday, it came through my school website. never knew its scam, can anyone tell me what they will do with your information if you were careless enough to send it to them

When you say you got it

When you say you got it through your campus email, do you happen to go to UCSD?

I have just got this email

I have just got this email and i looked it up online. Luckily i saw this scram and i did not reply the email.

ANOTHER SCAM to watch...

My gut was telling me "somethings not quite right." My mind was telling me "If something is too good to be true...": Almost basically the same wording, just a different company...also the written word didn't mesh. Very choppy, foreign-like. Here are the correspondences I received:


Date: 2010-09-13, 1:28PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Administrative Assistant: Must be extremely smart, detail and customer service oriented. Provide sales support, have excellent follow-up skills and the ability to expedite. Must be high energy, ability to multi-task and a team player. Top phone skills are required along with both excellent written and verbal communication skills. Email resumes to (
Compensation $500 weekly ($2000 monthly)

Compensation: $500 weekly ($2000 monthly)
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
PostingID: 1951719196

AFTER I RESPONDED, I WAS E-MAILED THIS (the flag went up and I was curious):

My name is JOHN WATT ,51yrs old,married with 2 kids,Am a property management maintaining and managing apartment units, single family residential homes, condos and commercial properties.

I need someone to work with me from his or her home as personal assistant to monitor and keep me up to date with my activities.

Duties and Requirements:
Process all owner distribution batches – print checks, statements and mail on a timely
Assisting with management of employee's
checking store supplies and placing orders
Process rental applications in Resident Data.
Type various letters ,Prepare 3 Day Notices.
Retrieve and process faxes
Send unpaid rent notifications to tenants.
Deposit and monitor payments of all owner contributions.

Available during regular business hours
Organized and able to take instructions well
Dependable, Reliable, Trustworthy a must
Excellent English language skills (both spoken and written)
Must have good attention to detail
Must be a problem solver and not a problem maker
Have great work ethic and attitude, as well as people skills
pay-attention to detail, capable of multi-tasking, and works well under stress at times.

- Yearly performance bonus
- Paid vacation/sick/personal days
- Medical benefits

Working hours:Mon-Friday

Total Hours (Per Week):25hours

Salary:$500 weekly($2,000 monthly)

This position is home-based and flexible part time job,you can be in any location you will be working from your home doing all the activities.

Am out of state for business trip i will be back in next weekend before that i want you to start working for me and I do have a number of things you could help me with this week if you will be available to start.This can act as a stable foundation to our working relationship.

I have first task waiting for you to know if you are ready to work.

I want to know if you own any of this office equipments list you need to start this position:

Personal Laptop/Desktop:
Internet Access:
Fax machine:
Paper Cutter:

If you have any of this office equipments let me know also fill the application form


First Name :
Last Name:
Full Street Address(not po box) :
City, State, Zip Code:
Cell Phone Number:
Home Phone Number:
Yahoo Messenger ID:
Note:If you do not have yahoo ID set-up one to chat with me online.


Current Job:____________________________

Are you eligible to work in the United States?Yes____ No_____

If you are under age 18, do you have an employment/age certificate?Yes___ No___


Position Applied For_________________

How often do you check your email:______________

Specify the hours that you will be available if my schedule doesn't work with the hours i
Days/Hours Available:

Hours Available: from_______ to______

What date are you available to start work?________________
Thanks so much,till i read from you

I DECIDED TO FILL THIS OUT AND SEE ABOUT GETTING SOME MORE INFORMATION (Despite my red prove to myself that my scam radar was working well). I responded and got this reply:

How are you doing today?
I received your application for this position and i promise to be a good boss,I need you to be smart and hard working in this position because you will be working everyday,I want you to give me quotation for the remaining office equipments that you do not have in your home i want to get them for you before you start.
Find out those items prices online or visit the store in person and get back to me to know if you are ready serious and ready to start as soon as possible because you need to carry out the first assignment this week.

I will be waiting for prices list today..

HAVE YOU NOTICED THE WAY THE WRITTEN ENGLISH DOESN'T QUITE SOUND RIGHT. READ IT ALOUD AND YOU'LL SEE...this was a definite tip off...The icing on the cake was the response after I emailed him the costs and links to office supplies (and a request for 1099 or W2 paperwork):

How are you Today? Thanks for keeping intouch with you,as you know i am a busy person, I am currently on a business trip to Dubai,please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

My number is +971-555948236.(dont forget to include the + sign while dialing).

Well I am glad to inform you again that your contact details have been reviewed and will like to congratulate you as my new P.A, Your first assignment has been assigned to you Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail.Once Again, Congratulations.

Well i want to update you on the Payment that will be send out to you on my behalf by my Client, You will be receiving an envelope Via Fedex courier service and it will get to you This tomorrow Hopefully, i will provide you with the Tracking# so you can know the status of the delivery then be on the look out for the envelope. the Check in the amount of $2,800 will cover the fee for the rest equipment and also your fee for the first week payment.. when you receive it, you'll then proceed to your Bank and get it cashed deduct the neccesary charges for the equipments and your weekly fee and hold on with the rest Funds from the check as i will use it to process a House property documents.

*The documents will be mail to you for scan immediately the funds has been received.
You will be receiving a Check which would cover your payment for the week and also for the duty you are to carry out./ to get the rest Equipments.

*You would have to keep a comprehensive record on every activity you carry out. Please send me a reply as soon as you get this email so i can know you are with me as my Personal Assistant.


I'm not willing to respond anymore...even though curiosity is killing me. BUT I have requested a friend of mine (in a different part of PA) apply and see if she gets hired too.


Nelson Harry/ James Harry

The following is a partial email received after a query about this information.
This is for Waco and Wood Way Texas

projects, this is why I need someone who can help keep up to date with all of my activities especially when I'm away and amidst my busy schedule.

I have had a previous Personal Assistant who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of my life for the past 6 months, she has since moved on with her personal life and it has affected me in a way. I found her previously on the craigslist website and I sincerely hope I will be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been. Please note that you are being hired only on a personal level. All correspondences would be made and promptly reported to me personally. The position is part time and home-based meaning you can work most times from your home as long as you have a regular internet access. You are also hired on a trial basis for now until we are able to see how well we fit in, this however does not affect your weekly wage.

Most of your activities will be carried out locally and most official packages will be delivered via posts. You will be actively involved in my personal, business and financial life. In summary, your activities as my assistant amongst other things will include;

* Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence;
* Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring;
* Organizing and maintaining diaries, memos and making appointments;
* Dealing with incoming email, faxes and post;
* Carrying out background research and presenting findings;
* A personal reminder for Schedules, programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them as they come up;
* Arranging travel and accommodation
* Carrying out specific projects and research;
* Taking on some of the my responsibilities and working more closely with management and other staff related to me;
* Making regular contacts and drop-offs on my behalf.
* Handling and monitoring financial activities.
* Processing and taking charge of weekly payments and purchases.
* General clerical activities.