Kamal Salibi and the "Israel from Yemen" theory

One highly tenuous theory, is by Professor Kamal Salibi's of American University in Beirut. In his 1985 book Bible Came from Arabia, he compares place names in the Bible with names in Arabia today, and concludes that Palestine had absolutely no historical Hebrew presence, and rather South West Arabia is what the Bible refers to as Israel! Moreover, Moses and Pharaoh were not in Egypt, but rather in Yemen! Egypt in the Bible is not today's Egypt, ...etc.

To bring both sides of the argument to the table, I have to mention that I received an email on April 2005 from Dr. Bernard Leeman stating the following:

I have just published "Queen of Sheba and Biblical Scholarship" (AWP, New Jersey) which concludes that Kamal Salibi's hypothesis is correct - that ancient Israel and Judah until 722 and 586 BCE were indeed in Western Arabia. Chaim Rabin's work (1951) (which Salibi didn't consult) on Ancient West Arabian concludes that there is too much Hebrew in certain South West Arabian dialects to be coincidental (in the same area that Salibi locates the Old Testament) . Also the map references, ancient legal code and other items in the Sheba-Melelik cycle of the Ethiopic (Ge'ez) Kebra Nagast support Salibi. Roger Schneider's discovery of Sabaean inscriptions near Mekele in Ethiopia not only confirms the presence there of Hebrews ca 800 BCE but also the narrative of the Kebra Nagast.

There is a lot more evidence, and Salibi should be taken very seriously, even though it means a major reassessment of faith-based history.

I emailed Dr. Leeman twice that I would be willing to publish a one page summary of his book on this site. I have not yet heard from him.



Where Were Prophet Muhammad [P]?

If you read The Holy Quran Chapter 37, verses 75 to 138, tells us that The Prophet resides at a location very close to Prophets Nuh, Abraham, Ishaq, Alyas, Lut, Musa and Harun.

The Holy Quran Chapter 15:79 also tell us that Prophet Lut and Shuaib were at a close vicinity with the last Prophet, which was in Arabica Patrae or better known Bilad AlSham.

All the abovementioned prophets, except Shuaib, were mentioned in AQ 06:83 to 89. Those prophets that were not mentioned can only be in a different vicinity, that is, Arabica Felix.

Except for the Prophets Yacob & Yusuf, they were in a location where the Israelites were enslaves [later era],in Babylon. AQ 40:28 TO 34, tell us that one of the family of Fir3aun, believe to be Zulkifl, advised his people to believe in Prophet Musa as they used to believe in Prophet Yusuf.

From the Book of Esther, Esther was also known as Mashita by the people of Bilad AlSham. their King was Xerxes AKA by the Holy Quran as Zul Autad or better known as Fir3aun .

The names of the people in the area where Prophet Yusuf was, very similar, Zul-autad, Zul-kifl aka Ezekiel and Zul-qarnain aka Cyrus The Great. These people were the Persians. The Persians were the ones who enslaves the Israelites.

Because of their disobedient Prophet Musa left the Israelites and they had to wandered in the desert for 40 years. Prophet Alysa'a was the prophet who brought the Israelites to Yemen. Follow up with Prophet Dawood and his son Prophet Sulayman who encountered the Queen of Saba.


Kamal Salibi

I read Salibi's books several years ago, and they're absolutely convicing.
The man is a genius IMO.