Advanced Fee Fraud email: Educational Assistance and a Religious Tone

Yet another advanced fee fraud, with an educational assistance twist as well as a religious tone.

From: Kimbowa Faisal <> Subject: Feedback: Request for academic assistance  I greet you in the name of God. The most gracious, the most merciful. Peace, mercy and the blessings of God be upon you.  I humbly request you kindly to allow me introduce and tell you all about me. I am called Kimbowa Faisal. I am a Rwandan boy by nationality, 20 years of age. I am an orphan on both sides.  I have no parents, sisters or brothers, neither the family. All my family and parent’s families were killed during the war of genocide in Rwanda in 1994.  I was in the bush for almost 6 months. I thank God for the prayers answered that I am still alive. May be the killers knew that I was also killed by other people since they could not see me any more, so they took all my parent’s belonging such as land, houses, live stock and other house hold properties. So they shared each and everything of my parent’s belongings. They killed 4 elder brothers of mine, 3 sisters plus all the parents and all the line from which my parents came from. I knew all the people who killed my families and when the war was over, I had to go into refugee camp and I spent there almost 4 months. After burying my family, I had nothing to do rather than returning to the camp. By then the investigation for those who participated in the genocide had not yet started. Life wasn’t easy for me and I was being hunted like an animal in the bush so that I could be killed also, this was due to the fact that the evidence and witness could be hidden and removed forever. Day and night I could be hunted to be killed by the killers of my family. I had to escape from the camp to the capital city in Kigali town since no one knew about me at all to look for refugee. When I reached into the city, I came across a Good Samaritan man, who took me back to school and I joined senior 1. I used to stay with him since 1994. By the time I completed senior 4, this good Samaritan died of  a motor accident. I was made an orphan once again. Since then I have never got another person to care and cater for me. The last words I remembers, I last heard from him clearly when he was admitted in the hospital was that, I remember him telling me that “ I have been a religious person so committed to God, I had each and everything which made me live like the way I wished that is why I felt and managed to help you after I heard all  what happened to you and your family members too, always take my words and putting into considerations because I know better than  you think or know. Before he died he told me that  when i grow up and I  become a man I should  never make a revenge, I should leave this in the hands of God, HE is the creator of each and everything, HE gives to those HE wants to give and removes from those HE wants to remove from. I straggled hard and I completed secondary educational course and I passed the national examinations well with a grade of Satisfaction and currently I am studying at Kigali Institute of Science, Technology and management, KIST. In the faculty of management, department of Finance.  Though, I try as much as possible to sponsor myself, I find it very difficulty to raise my tuition fees, getting also accommodation fees is hard for me since I live in a  slum house where there is no electricity. I am found of doing my revision on candles and some times on what they call in English helicane Lamp which uses paraffin as its fuel to burn, and because of this I am now suffering from eyes because this kind of a lamp has a lot of smoke and Doctors are advising me to go for medical eye examinations   and treatment and I have to put on glasses but all seem to be in vain since I have failed to raise the money for treatment, also getting scholastic materials is hard for me. Next year, I will be in third year and remaining with only one year, that I could complete my academic program so that I could be awarded a Degree in Business Administration, BBA. So far I have current cumulative average of 68% in the class. My performance would have increased to more than this but I don’t attend the classes regularly. It is like 38 % to 45% that I attend the classes. Most of the time I am found of going to look for small jobs, which could raise my tuition fees, accomodation fees, medical fees, restoraunt fess and scholastic materials.  If I happen to be attending classes regularly, I could not get the money to pay for myself as tuition fees and other scholastic needs, that's why you find that my performance in class is not good at all.  Getting some thing to eat or drink is also hard for me; at times I could eat once a day and at times not at all. No one cares about me at all; every thing is on my shoulder. Had it been that I could get some one to sponsor me for only these two years, I would be able to complete my education program with a DISTINCTION of at least 80% to 87%.  Throughout the day, I am up and down looking for where I can dig in people’s garden, looking after cattle (cows) in bush, washing some people’s toilets, slashing in compounds, sweeping along side the road, and a times as a night watchman so that at the end of the day, they could pay me some money, which money I could use to collect for my tuition fees, therefore, you find that going to classes  becoming hard for me.  But you find that time for going to classes regularly I spend it looking for jobs to help me and at the end of the day, you find that I am so tired and have to look for what have been taught on that very day.This is how I am surviving and living, no one cares about me, but I am proud of my-self since I am still living as a human being. Everything is on my shoulder, but I thank God. Currently, the only  problem I am facing which makes me not concentrate in revision is that of the eyes, I have failed to raise the money for medical treatment. I am living in every un comfortable life any human being has ever experienced, but I thank God for all HE has been doing for me all along. When I inquired from medical doctors about my treatment, they told me that all along it would take me about $ 75 US as medical fees, but I have no where to get this money from. No one cares about me and in Africa when you are a dependant; most of the time people see or consider you as a problem or a burden in the society that’s why I have to employ all my energy I have, so that I could see the light of the day the next time. Though I have many problems and needs I  avoid myself being a beggar for each and every day. I am really starving to the extent that a times I could spend 2 to  3 days without  having some thing to eat or drink and I have no one around me to whom I can seek or make a call to, when I am in deed.  I humbly request you kindly to help me raise the money for the next academic year  2006 registration  worthy $ 40 only. I have tried all my level best to raise this money, but all in vain. Please for God’s seek, help me and pay for me this money for academic registration only, because if I happen not to register in time, I could be discountinued from studies completely. For the seek of other needs, I will keep on looking for them slowly by slowly but when having hope that I have registered for academic year 2006. I will more grateful if my request is put into into your considerations and any assistance accorded to is highly appreciated and may God reward you handsomely.  May God keep you firm and alive. Convey my best wishes to all around you and the companion that you talk with most especially your family. I am indeed grateful to you and may God reward you handsomely.  Peace, mercy and the blessings of God be upon you. I wish you success in each and every thing you are doing. I am looking forward to hear from you soon N.B: Any assistance accorded to me can be sent to me through WESTERN UNION., and you send me the following information which can help me receive the money, like money transfer control number (MTCN) and Test Question and it's answer and lastly the sender's names and address. My mailling address is: Kimbowa Faisal. C/o CEM-KIST/KHI B.P. 5175 Kigali. Rwanda. Your faithfully, kimbowa Faisal. Kigali Rwanda  



Removal od this Article

Asalam Aleikum w.w. I humbly request you kindly to remove the above Article on your publication on this website. I thank Allah that I completed my studies and I am currently working as a credit officer in one of the financial institutions here in Rwanda. I will be more grateful if my request is put into your considerations. Thank you.