Another elaborate Islamically themed Advance Fee Fraud Nigerian scam

This Advance Fee Fraud email really takes the cake because of the effort that the criminal has put into it. He has used every Islamic term in the dictionary, yet asked blatently for money at the end of the message. Even though he says he is in Nigeria, I traced the IP Address back to Belgium. Nice try!

From: Qasim < Subject: THE CALL!IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, THE BENEFICENT, THE MERCIFUL All Praise is due to Almighty Allah the Lord of Incomparable Majesty.May His Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad. His companions hishouseholds and all those who follow him till the day of Judgments. Igreet you in the best of Greetings ASALAM ALAYKUM WARAMOTULLAHWABARAKATU. May Almighty Allah accept our deeds. Amin.With Tears Deep Sorrowful Heart and severe frustrations but with allHope I am sending this mail to you. Do not be embarrassed or besurprised about this mail. I don't mean to write this mail to you but Iam extremely confused and perplexed, that is why I have contactedethod.It is true you do not know neither have you seen me writing you, Ibelieved you will be able to help me that is I have contacted you. Ishould have contacted you since but I am very shameful of contactingyou but the situation has gotten to unbearable condition. The situationhas almost put us into Sins; it has got the unbearable condition wecannot control that is why we have to cry out. I should have contactedthe Muslim Relief Organizations but I believed the MuchResponsibilities in their hands on our Muslim Brothers and Sisters inWar and Disasters Areas would be a Delay that is why I have contactedyou.I SWEAR BY THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH WHO HANDS IS MY SOUL THAT THISMAIL IS TRUE!I SWEAR BY THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH WHO HANDS IS MY SOUL THAT THISMAIL IS TRUE!I SWEAR BY THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH WHO HANDS IS MY SOUL THAT THISMAIL IS TRUE!My name is Qasim Ayodele, I am 25 Years Old, I was a Muslim butnurtured as a Christian but later revert to Islam in 1995.I am Son Mr.and Mrs. Yakub, My Parent were born as Muslims not Practical Muslims,we grew up finding our Parent converted to Christians, though it is avery long story. I completed my High School in 1996, since then I havebeen facing the most difficult Turning Point of my Life. My Parent arevery Poor and old that they cannot provide us foods, how much morefurthering our Education. Since the Completion of my school, I was unable to continue myEducation because there is no one to help, I tried all what I could toFurther my Education into the University but all effort is a Bunch ofFailures, I am brilliant but my Brilliancy couldn’t be Manifested, Istarted Hawking Packed Water just to Gather Money for my Education butthe Money I get goes for Food for myself and my Parent because there isLess Profit and Much Stress and no one is ready to Employ Schoolcertificate Leaver into any Industry, I have been in this Hawking forthe Past 7 Years and this is Eight Year. I was unable to continue theHawking due to the Much Stress and the illness I encountered throughthis with my Idleness I found myself in Huge Debts owing bothChristians and Muslims in Neighborhood, the Debt was due to Treatmentof my illness and for food when I was unable to control the Hunger andI cannot eat what is Haram. I owe more than 20 people a Huge Sum ofDebt.The Major Reason why I am sending this Extremely Emergency Mail to youis that, the People I am owing are giving the Most Unrest of my Lifeboth the Christians and Muslims, Since the last couple of weeks Icannot point to any valuable Ibadah I have observed, I have been inFear, Frustrations to extent that I have to ran away from home, Icannot walk openly, even going to the Mosque, I am hiding myself hereand there. I saw Hell on last Thursday when I witnessed another Tormentof Life of horrible Beating, Molestations and Disgrace. I wasdreadfullymolested to the extent that I was stripped to naked.  My cloths wasteared and I was only left with just a Pant and Underwear singlet, withthis shame I have to run away from home with Tears and Broken Hearted,I have lost all hope of life and if not that it is a Great Sin tocommitSuicide I would have done that, I am tired of life. My Mother is inunrest crying, I cannot perform any Ibadah, go to Mosque because I amrunning from the people I owed even walk in the Street. As I am sendingthis mail you are the Last hope I have because I am almost forced intoStealing because these Problems are beyond my life, I am tired of Life.Coupled with these, I am in severe hunger, even the cloth I am puttingon is not mine, I borrowed it. These have affected my Solat, my Ibadah,my Identity as Muslim, I don't know how else to explain, my heart isbleeding, my eyes are shedding tears. Allah bears me witness, the cloth, trousers, and slippers I am puttingon are not mine , the were borrowed, since I couldn’t take anythingwhen I ran away form home, I am tired of living as a street rat, myFaith, Ibadah, my Muslim Identity has been affected. I swear by the names of Allah whose Hands is my Soul, the money I usedin sending this mail to you in the CyberCafe was stolen, because Idon'thave anything even to eat is great problem, that is why I have sentthisExtremely emergency mail.Besides, I am living idleness, nothing to point at as means ofSustenance, which I am tired of living, I start a little trade, to earna lawful livelihood so that I cannot continue my Education, I sufferedso many years, lost so many years, I am tired of this, I don't want tofeed on Haram, how can I live as a Muslim without Job. These are few things I can tell you I am in real Distress and Sorrow,Please; I am calling to your Extremely Emergency Assistance. Due to Frequent Thinking, Sleepless Nights and Hunger I have developedA High Blood Pressure I can hardly Breath, I find it very difficult tosleep and I lose Consciousness everyday, I can’t even help myself. I AM LOST, PLEASE! SAVE ME! JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH!I AMLIVING IN HELL, I NEED YOUR URGENT RESCUE, I AM TIRED OF LIFE PLEASE!SAVE MY SOUL! I AM BEGGING YOU IN THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH!I AM BEGGING YOU IN THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH!I AM BEGGING YOU IN THE NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH! I AM REALLY TIRED OF THESE, I DON’T WANT THESE. PLEASE! PLEASE!PLEASE! JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Allah Says" The believers are but a single brother" Q49:10 The Prophet of Allah said "The Muslims are brother of one another, he does not wrong neitherdoes he hand him over to his enemies. One occupies himself infulfilling the demands and redresses the Difficulty of another Muslim,will get ALLAH'S help on the Day of Judgment"Bukhari & Muslim "Whoever saves the life a Muslim as save the life of the wholeHumanity" "Anyone who occupies himself in relieving the trouble of a Muslim willfind his trouble relieved on the Day of Judgment" Bukhari &Muslim I know you are not a Financial Institution but a Muslim is Helper ofanother Muslim. "Whoever wakes up in the morning without any concern for the affairsof the Muslims is not of them. And whoever hears the cry of Man whoshouts, O Muslim, come to my help and does not respond, is not aMuslim"With this, For the sake of Almighty Allah in His Greatness Dominion ofthe Heavens and Earth and His Prophet Muhammad, for sake of MuslimBrotherhood, I seek your EXTREMELY! EXTREMELY! EXTREMELY! EMERGENCYFINANCIALASSISTANCE OF THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS OR ANY AMOUNT YOU CANAFFORD ON BEFORE OR ON FRIDAY 20th  OF MAY 2005. I don’t know theEvil I can do in the next couple of hours, I am tired of life and Idon’t want to commit any Sin in this Blessed Month that is why I havecalled you and the money I used in sending this mail was borrowed, I amsending in an Hideout because they must not see me or else I will seeHell. Nothing to record as Ibadah, I cannot pay attention on my Solat,I lose concentration every minute with fear, I am tired of life and Idon’t want to commit ant Evil on this that is Iam calling to yourEmergency Financial Assistance, JUST FOR THE SAKE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH ANDHIS PROPHET MUHAMMAD PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! IT IS NEEDED ON FRIDAY20THMAY 2005. I PLEAD TO YOU WITH THE BEATIFUL NAMES OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH! Al- Rahman, Ar- Raheem, Al Mulk, Al Quddus, As- Salaam, Al Mu'min, AlMuhamaemin, Al Azeez, Al- Jabbar, Al- Mutakabir, Al Khaliq, Al-Barriu,Al- Mussowir, Al-Gaffar, Al- Qahar, Al- Wahhab, Ar- Razzaq, AlFattah, Al Aleem, Al- Qabbid, Al- Bassit, Al-Khaffid, AlRaffiu, AlMuizz, Al Mudhilu,As Sameeu, Al- Baseer, Al Hakamu, Al- Adil, Al-Lateef, Al Khabeer, Al Haleem, Al Azeem, Al Gafuur, Al Shakuur, AlAliyy, Al Kabeer, Al Hafeez, Al Muqeet, Al Haseeb, Al Jaleel, AlKareem, Al Raqeeb, Al Mujeeb, Al Wasiu. Al Hakeem, Al Wadood, AlMajeed, Al Baaeth, Al- Shaheed, Al Haqqu,Al Wakeel, Al Qawwiyu, AlMateen, Al Waliyyu, Al Hameed, Al Muhsiy, Al Mubdiu, Al Mueed, AlMuhyi, Al Mumeet, Al Hayyu, Al Qayyum, Al Wajjid, Al Majjid, Al Waahid,Al Samad, Al Qadir, Al Muqtadir, Al Muqaddim, Al Muakir,Al Awwal, AlAkhir, Al Zaahir, Al Baatin, Al Waaliy, Al Mutaal, Al Barru, Al Tawwab,Al Muttaqim, Al Afuwwu, Al Raoof, Al Malik- Mulik, Dhal Jalaal WalIkram, A;l Muqsit, Al Jaamihu, Al Ghaniyyu, Al Mugniy. Al Manii, AlDharru, Al Naafii, Al Noor, Al Haadiy, Al Badeei, Al Baaqiy, AlWariith, Al Rasheed, As Sabuur. THIS IS HOW TO SEND THE MONEYThere is a money transfer agent named WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFERlocated its branches all over the world. Go to their office in yourlocality with the money you want to send. If you get there you shall begiven a form named TO SEND FORM. After the completion ofthe form you shall be provided some information which you are expectedto convey to the receiver, The information to include the following.a. SENDER’S NAMES AND ADDRESSb. AMOUNT SENT c. CONTROL NUMBERd. ANSWER TO THE TEST QUESTION WHICH THE RECEIVER MUST ANSWER BEFOREPAYMENTe. ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION Please, due to the Rules in receiving money through Western Union, onemust have a Driver’s License or an International Passport but Idon’t have any of these things and Someone who has a Driver’sLicense has promised to help me to receive the money. SO, In the SEND FORM, SEND TO THE BELOW NAME AND ADDRESS. Erinle Olalekan Omotunde2 Alaba Street,Oworoshoki BarigaLagos NigeriaImmediately the money is sent, SEND ALL INFORMATION ON HOW TO RECEIVETHE MONEY THROUGH THIS EMAIL BOX.qasimmuslim@yahoo.comOnce again I beg you in the Names of Almighty Allah and His ProphetMuhammad to send any amount you can afford ON FRIDAY 20TH OF MAY 2005. Jazakumlah Khear Qasim Ayodele