A sad case of "you won the lottery" advance fee fraud

I sometimes publish emails for scams and fraud that I get, noting the variety and new twisted ways of fooling people. For example, there is the winning a fake lottery, internet classified, craiglist, and usenet scams, and the classic Nigeria 419 advance fee fraud.A few days ago, I got an email from someone asking for help about the lottery. The email was so vague and written in broken English. Upon checking the IP address of the sender, along with his name, it turned out that he is from Egypt. So to make matters easier, I asked for details in Arabic.After a few emails were exchanged, here is what happened:

  • That person got an email saying that he won the lottery.
  • He contacted the sender, who pretended to be an official with the lottery, who handed them over to someone pretending to be from an alleged Johannesburg, South Africa bank (FNB), and is the manager of transfers.
  • Some papers were sent, with the bank logo and stamp on it. The poor fellow checked the bank somehow and found that indeed there is a bank by that name and address in South Africa.
  • The bank person said that an account was opened in South Africa for the victim, and that the money was transferred to it. The fake account was sent to the victim.
  • The bank person then asked for advance fees for certain certificates (proof that this money is rightfully his from the South Africa government), as well as non-resident bank account opening fee.
  • He sent $750 to South Africa.
  • The bank person is asking for more money for more documents, such as letter with power of attorney, US dollar certificate, ...etc. so that the government allows the transfer.
  • The bank person also offered to pay part of the fees, after the victim complained that he does not have enough money.

So, there you have it: the typical advanced fee fraud. These crooks rely on the ease of communicating with people in other countries and being immune from persecution by the law enforcment in that country. They also rely on human greed (how can one win a lottery if they did not buy a ticket?), as well as gullibility. Sad, but sobering ...



hi Is this true?

Dear e-Mail User, We are happy to announce to you that your email address has won you the sum of £ 850,502.00 in cash credited to Ref#:UK/940X2/68 and batch#:074/05/ZY369 in the recent draw of the UK National Lottery.To file for your claim contact DR.Mark Lambert on his email with your completed claims information CLAIMS VERIFICATION FORM1. Full Names:2. Address:3. Age:4. Sex:5. MaritalStatus:6. Occupation:7. Phone numbers:8. Fax number:9. Country:10.Nationality:Contact Person: Dr. Mark LambertE-mail: drmarklambertdesk01@live.com

Yahoo lottary

l lost 1400 U.S cause l belived that l won real prize. after l lost this money l found that the agent is asking me for more money with none stop.. then l found that l did big mistake. l feel sorry.

Illegal lotery

Please be careful about a letter
as which I've received from email and address as:

28010 MADRID
Tel: 0034 69 353 0106
Fax: 0034 91 141 3161

Attention: Axxxx

For your information this commission is already saddled with enormous responsibility, which we are very committed to making sure that winners are swiftly paid, as this would be based on our recommendations to the EURO MILLION COMMISSION director on money matters and our Bank.
As part of our security measures, please do forward the below information to Foreign Payment Department by email:

(1) Your Account details
(2) Bank Name
(3) Bank Account Number
(4) Iban/Swift Code
(5) Photocopy of your Identity
(6) Telephone and fax number
(7) Occupation

We want to use this medium to apologize again for the delay, but we are happy to inform you that your willingness to comply with further instruction would no doubt quicken action.
Based on your claim file from you claim dept ‘’ SANTANDER SEGUROS COMERCIALES’’ your payment will be by bank transfer.
This will enable us update your fund in our suspense account and cross check with inspectorate division for verification IDV. On receipt of your response we will send to you further directives on your fund transfer.
The arrangement in place would ensure that your money is paid to you without delay.
Thanks and wait your urgent response to this matter.

Mr. Morris Smith, (For Bank Foreign Remittance Department)
Tel: 0034 69 353 0106
Fax: 0034 91 141 3161

This is illegal activities from Spanish, avoid it!



Just received another one of these "Nigerian scam" attempts. I was already wise to these scams, due to AARP articles, and have never given them the dignity of a response. I just delete them and empty the deletion box after confirming that it's a fake.

I've also been hassled on the phone by Federation of American Veterans and Children's Cancer Assosciation because I decided NOT to make good on a coerced pledge to donate. I finally phoned them both a warning message to cease and desist -and that stopped the harassment campaigns. I really denounce the new practice of trying to get charity donations from people by phoning them and then giving them a hard-sell spiel. Almost all the money goes to the telemarketers.


dear sir
i received this email and call one person 10 to 12 time from +448713154164and india n umber 9769945235 and send me sms of acout to depost mony of 28900rs of indian rupees but sir i didnot diposit the money that person call me again again to deposit the amout of custome cahrge of duty indian airport . he send me sms on the mobile jafar abbas a/c no
060501501181 and pan card nom ajhpa6427h
so if this is true than how can i calim my prize other wise
tell me what i do

22 Garden Close, Stamford, Linc's PE9 2YP,

London, United Kingdom.
Reference Number: BMW/2551256003/23
Tel #: +448713152334




We are in receipt of your mail and must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of the winners in this year's BMW AUTOMOBILE INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS PROMOTION 2010.Your email address ( jagbirarya@gmail.com ) was randomly selected along with others from a database of over 50,000.00 email addresses drawn from the WORLD-WIDE-WEB. A ticket number was attached to each email address and your email address tagged ticket number: 5647600545188, serial number: BMW/P/556543450906 and Reference Number: BMW: 2551256003/23 emerged as the star ticket email.

Your winning prize has been verified and approved for payment by this Department. Your Profile (Form) has also been received and filed along with other winning documents for Record Purpose. Delivery will be made to you by a high level diplomatic agent You are to contact him immediately, via this email ( diplomatbrownpage@yahoo.com ) his Name is Senior Diplomat STEVEN BROWN. Your consignment code is (CH/147/LD) you are to keep your Consignment Code Number very confidential From General Public and Keep me fully informed as soon as you contact Him.

The Diplomatic Officer will be Arriving India and you are to send to Our Diplomatic Officer a copy of your ID prove ( ID CARD/ PASSPORT / VOTERS CARD OR DRIVER LICENSE COPY) to enable him identify before he arrives your country (India). Below is his flight information:

Departure Date /Time: 8th November, 2010 -5:15:00 pm (UK TIME)
Arrival Date /Time: 9th November, 2010 - 8:30 am (INDIA TIME)
Your winning consignment box contains all of the following items:

1.) Your Winning Prize £750,000.00 GBP.
2.) Official Winning Certificate.
3.) Affidavit of claims eligibility.
4.) Documents covering source of winnings.

Note: All Courier Charges has been Dueling paid for over Here in London BY BMW GROUP UK while you will be responsible for Indian Airport Local Charges to be incurred by the diplomat in delivering your winning prize to you in your country. Please make sure that the Indian Airport Authorities Clearance Charges is available before the arrival of our Delivery Diplomatic officer, as this Charges is payable to India Airport Authorities charges as he will need the charges to clear your consignment from the Airport authorities to enable them to release the Parcel to him before he can proceed and Deliver in your Door-step for final delivery.

In your revert email, do state your willingness to take care of the local charges in your country so as to enable us proceed with the onward delivery of your parcel to you And please you are to confirm your Address below for swift action before departure. Please kindly confirm your home address.

* Delivery Address:

In your revert email, do state your willingness to get your winning funds received through this proper height diplomatic channels.
PLEASE BE WARNED: For security reasons, you are advised to keep your winning information confidential from general public till your claims is processed and your money remitted to you. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some double claimers.

Congratulations once from all staff of BMW Lottery Board and do feel free to call for more information.

Yours Sincerely,



I won the lottery, lol

I just got this email through Myspace:

Congratulations!!! Your Myspace username emerged a winner of our lottery draw by LOTTO MAX / MYSPACE INC PROMO. You have there fore been approved to claim a total sum of $500,000.00, You are to contact our payment centre for release and payout via email; drdavid_stephen10@hotmail.com

Mrs. Charlene Neilson
Co-ordinator Lotto Max.

plz guide me

i recevied sms/email from the international awareness promotion dept,bmw group,tel+448719156992 & landline +448719157249.22 garden close standford lines pe9 2yp london uk.
i was asked to claim the amount of 1,000,000.00 pounds & bmw x6 jeep after filling the application form .wich i hav won tro draw of telephone numbers choosen from world wide.
please guide me,wat to do

plz guide me

i recevied sms/email from the international awareness promotion dept,bmw group,tel+448719156992 & landline +448719157249.22 garden close standford lines pe9 2yp london uk.
i was asked to claim the amount of 1,000,000.00 pounds & bmw x6 jeep after filling the application form .wich i hav won tro draw of telephone numbers choosen from world wide.
please guide me,wat to do