Craigslist classified for used car: Cheque fraud scam

I recently listed a car for sale on craigslist and other local classified ad services.This is one reply I got, which is clearly an attempt at scamming:

From: Dave Smith <>Subject: [The title of the classified ad for the car]Hello,I just viewed your car posting on craigslist and i have interest on it i will like to know the present condition and two more pictures of the car before i proceed with the transaction.Thanks

Problem is, the scammer is not very smart. I did not posted pictures to begin with, so there are no more pictures. So, I sent this reply:

From: meTo: Dave Smith <>Pictures attached.

I intentionally did not attach any pictures. A genuine buyer would have noticed this of course. Instead, the scammer proceeded with the next step, revealing his true intent:

From Dave Smith <>To: meHello,Thanks for your reply i got all your information about the car and am ok with it, i will be making your payment today i need your full name and address to make your payment today through electronic check i will handle the shipment myself.All what you need about the mode of payment is to get a Blank check paper and magnetic versa ink to print the check, the check will be sent to your email and you get it printed from it. You can get this materials from the following stores.1. Office Depot2. Office Max3. Staples Store 4. Stationery Store5. Compusa.When you get this materials you can print the check out and immediately after the printing you can then get the check cashed at your Bank or any bank of america branch around you I will wait for you to confirm and clear the check.The payment will be in excess as i will want you to contact my shipper with the excess fund for shipping the car after you must have confirmed and cashed the check.i will wait for your bank to clear the check so you can deduct your own money and send the excess fund to the shipper via Western Union Money Transfer so as to cover the cost of shipping the car from your place to it's destination. I will add extra 100$ for the purchasing of check paper and magnetic versa ink.For more information about the mode of payment you can check the website and know more about it .Dont worry i will handle the shipping myself with my shipper. you can IM on this ID or call me on 9145954296 for more information.Thanks and God Bless

This is a classic scam where a fake cheque is sent to the victim for more than the amount owed, and the difference is to be wired to the scammer.



e check

Same thing here. Actually, even funnier, I was threatened to be reported as a scammer. :) See note from scammer:

Sounds great,
First of all, i will like to let you know that i am not interested in scam or fraud of any kind, if by any way i sense a scam, you will be reported immediately, sorry about this but it's hard on internet lately, i will like to add $50 to your asking price so as to be the highest offer, let me know the present condition and more actual pictures will be appreciated. I'll like to pay you via E-check and will wait till it clears, with E-check no bank information is required only your name that will be on the check, if you don't know how E-check works please email me asap. please no scams here because i'm a disabled man and I manage what I have with me to get what I want. I am buying this for a friend as compensation when he comes back from his tour, he is the one who takes me around on wheelchair before the operation whenever I need to go out and help me with some other things that might be difficult for me to do. if my offer is accepted get back to me and your advise will also be appreciated.

Next Email:
I reside in Kentucky, let me explain better to you, E-check is just a means to send bank check to your e-mail instead of mailing it to you as i cant get around to send cash or mail a check at the moment due to my condition. You will only need a business check paper to print the check from your e-mail and have it cashed.I will add additional $50 to your asking price as i said previously. You will be able to purchase the business check paper at kinkos, staples, walmart, office max office depot or any stationery store at cost of $20. I will reimburse you with the cost of supplies to your asking price.
I'm in no rush with you till funds has been cleared before pick up though the shipping co agent will come for pick up when you must have gotten your cash at hand. And concerning the shipping i will handle the shipping via my shipping co. agent. Do get back to me today.

Felix Richard

Felix Richard.

Super scam...!!!! thank you

I just got an email with the same contents!!!! So we chatted on yahoo and I said I got the paper, and I kept asking him how am I going to send the product to him? he kept saying that he would get his movers to pick it up. cause they would be in my area! I said i didnt feel safe to have someone come to my house here in virginia beach...(trick question) and he said "yeah i understand but it would just be easier cause virginia beach isnt that far from me!!!" and whats funny is that I live in Seattle wa...from there I just went off on him!! cusing up a storm saying how much a scamming loser he was and to just get a real job ya bum!!! LOL his name was Felix Richards telephone 760 705 8888. I think thats a google was his email!!! watch out for the scammers people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!! again thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He threatened me.

When I called him out on being a scammer he sent me my Full name and my husbands. my ip address and where I am getting my internet from...I figured that he must have just pulled me up on facebook with my email. then he told me I was going to fry. Is there anything I can do? I blocked his email, and also my facebook acct is on private to all....Could he really find out where I live? I have children and it really creeps me out!!! I dont know what else to do!!!!!

Paypal Craigslist Email Scam

You can send the emails to and if you look on and read the info on scammers it has links to file complaints on scammers. I'm going through the same thing but I wouldn't worry because these "scammers" aren't in the US plus anyone can get your IP address, there are plenty of sites that offer this( google it for yourself) they can't nessarily get your address unless you gave it to them or they put your email in Google or something and found your address(you should try it that way you can see for yourself the info that comes up, I did and found my email address and an old address of mine). Good luck, I hope this helped! I know I was freaked out, confused, scared and vurnable and I'm a computer tech.!

received cashiers check for $1,600 more than amt and asked me to

I have a posting on Craigslist. The man said he was deaf and would send a cashier's check to my house and have his mover move the furniture. I received a cashier's check for more than the amount and a request to contact his mover in Texas. I'm sure now this is a scam. What do I do?

Joseph William is still scamming on Craigslist

He is still trying to scam. Beware!!!

We are trying to sell an RV on CL...he is interested in first email and too busy with "obligations and work" to call for details in 2nd email but is ready to send a check for the full amount...when it clears he'll come for the item. Told him to send his movers with cash after reading all this!!! THANKS for the warning!

i got this yesterday when i

i got this yesterday when i listed a hot tub...i figured it was a scam when he didn't see a picture or care to see one or even look at the spa. :/

Sounds Good.

I'm interested in buying it asap !

I will add additional $100 to your asking price.I will like to proceed with payment via Electronic Check Payment. Electronic Check is just a means to send Certified Bank Check Electronically from my bank account to your E-mail. All you really need is a Business Check Paper to print the Check from your E-mail and have it Cash or Deposited . I'm in no rush with you till funds has been cleared.
The Business Check Paper is sold at Staples, Walmart, Office Max or at any Stationery Store at cost of $19.You do not have to bother yourself about the pick up.I'll instruct a Shipping Co Agent to come for pick up at your door when check has been cleared. Kindly proceed to purchase the Business Check Paper today. I will await your contact details with valid e-mail for the Certified Check.Do get back to me today.

Deputy Welfare Officer.

Berry Wood from NIGERIA


Payment is made successfully and the money is finally deduct from my credit card account,you should receive Notification payment via your email from paypal cause the money has been approved.My friend instruct to have the package ship via (REGISTER EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE OF USPS POST OFFICE).Because they want the item to be bless by there pastor before engagement day.Please dont write the item price on the package when you get to post office and also remove the appraisal paperwork and Box out.Just put the item inside secure regular envelop size when you get to post office,So my friend would not spend more money to receive the package at there post office when the package is arrive.I add additional $50 to cover shipping cost.

Below is shipping info :



Thank you

Wow, his email is, I almost fell for it until I read this site!!

Barry Wood or Barry Johnson is another name he uses

I was contacted by this guy and I asked my fiance to look at the email about him wanting to send me the cashiers check and so on. Well when I got another email from him I decided to Google his email address which led me to this page reporting him scam! Well I am obviously naive, but how does this scam work for him? I was first contacted yesterday, 6/25/11.

Hope this item is for sales?Get back to me


Reply to:
Barry Wood
Deputy Welfare Officer.
35631.110 West College Street

On Jun 25, 2011, at 12:12 PM, wrote:

I am willing to purchase the item from you urgently.Hope is still in great condition,I will like to proceed with payment via a Cashier check for not to delaying the transaction.Once i receive your Name and Address with your Phone number, i will proceed and contact my client to have the check send via FEDEX/UPS next day delivery,Once the check is receive and clear in your Bank. I will contact Auto dependable shipping company to come and arrange for pick up. Email me back to proceed further.

Thank you

The Certified Check has been mailed.
Please await the arrival of the check. I have sent your details to my bank to prepare the Check Payment.It will get to you via USPS postal service within 2 to 5 business days.The fund's will cover your payment and also shipment.I'm in no rush with you till funds has been cleared in your bank. You are required to deduct your fund then refund balance to the mover for him to be able to offset shipping and other tax charges. The mover's agent will come for pick up & signing of document when payment is cleared in your bank.
Kindly delete advert today then get back to me.
Barry Johnson.

Still at it.

He originally emailed me using the name Roy Walter, then somehow became Berry.


I'm happy it's still avaliable!

I would have loved to come and see it before actual purchase, but i cannot due to my work which puts me in a very tight time frame. I perfectly understand the present condition as started in the Ad. I will like to proceed with payment via Bank Check. I'm in no rush with you till funds has been cleared in your bank or anything. I'll handle the pick up when payment has been cleared. Kindly e-mail me back with your Name: Address: City: State: Code :Phone Number. The payment should get to you within 2 to 3 business days via USPS. Please withdraw the advert from CL to avoid interruption.

Barry Johnson.
Deputy Welfare Officer."