Craigslist classified for used car: Cheque fraud scam

I recently listed a car for sale on craigslist and other local classified ad services.This is one reply I got, which is clearly an attempt at scamming:

From: Dave Smith <>Subject: [The title of the classified ad for the car]Hello,I just viewed your car posting on craigslist and i have interest on it i will like to know the present condition and two more pictures of the car before i proceed with the transaction.Thanks

Problem is, the scammer is not very smart. I did not posted pictures to begin with, so there are no more pictures. So, I sent this reply:

From: meTo: Dave Smith <>Pictures attached.

I intentionally did not attach any pictures. A genuine buyer would have noticed this of course. Instead, the scammer proceeded with the next step, revealing his true intent:

From Dave Smith <>To: meHello,Thanks for your reply i got all your information about the car and am ok with it, i will be making your payment today i need your full name and address to make your payment today through electronic check i will handle the shipment myself.All what you need about the mode of payment is to get a Blank check paper and magnetic versa ink to print the check, the check will be sent to your email and you get it printed from it. You can get this materials from the following stores.1. Office Depot2. Office Max3. Staples Store 4. Stationery Store5. Compusa.When you get this materials you can print the check out and immediately after the printing you can then get the check cashed at your Bank or any bank of america branch around you I will wait for you to confirm and clear the check.The payment will be in excess as i will want you to contact my shipper with the excess fund for shipping the car after you must have confirmed and cashed the check.i will wait for your bank to clear the check so you can deduct your own money and send the excess fund to the shipper via Western Union Money Transfer so as to cover the cost of shipping the car from your place to it's destination. I will add extra 100$ for the purchasing of check paper and magnetic versa ink.For more information about the mode of payment you can check the website and know more about it .Dont worry i will handle the shipping myself with my shipper. you can IM on this ID or call me on 9145954296 for more information.Thanks and God Bless

This is a classic scam where a fake cheque is sent to the victim for more than the amount owed, and the difference is to be wired to the scammer.



Electronic check scam.

I received this exact email from the same sender regarding an item I had posted for sale on Craig's list. Even the poor english in the body is exact.

Thank you for posting your story, this reinforces my fear of being scammed by this potential buyer.


I just received this e-mail in reguards to an item I am selling-


I am interested in your item,hope the the item is still available for sale..

Bill Jack
174 Lackland Ave
Piscataway, NJ 08854

Look at that! Same address and phone number!! What are the chances!!
I'm glad I googled the phone number and found your string before I replied to this loser!

Same Cory Hernandez

Just to add.. He sent me the same emails to buy my car. How do we bust this guy?

i just got this from a John

i just got this from a John Moore. smells of a scam. Any idea?

Thank you for your response and i'm sorry for my late response. I have forwarded the features of your vehicle to my client for evaluation and confirmation. Due to time constraint on the fact that we are running short of time , i am delighted to tell you that my client has commended your Vehicle and he has instructed me to carry on with this transaction, he said he will be going on a vacation soon and will rest virtually all the transaction on my shoulder and assign a shipper likewise that i will work with and he further stressed that he will be issuing out a cashier check of ($13500) which was a refund payment of a cancelled order earlier made by him but will be filed in your name,you are only required to deduct the cost of your Vehicle ($6000) and send the difference ($7500.) when payment gets to you to a shipping agent whose information will be given to you as soon as he approves a reliable shipper. The agent will need the fund to offset shipping charges, taxes, any cosmetic repair cost and miscellenous expenses, and the agent will be responsible for signing, transfering of title paper and also pick-up. In the mean time, i'll instruct my personal assistant to proceed on inspection of the Vehicle.So you are required to send me your for payment to be delivered to you as soon as possible:

FULL NAMES...................
PHONE NUMBER..............

Your sincerity, understanding and co-operation will be highly appreciated.
Best regards,


Hi all,
I received a similar email, but I am confused to what their point of scamming is. They say to wait for the funds to clear, so we will know its bogus by then. How are they scamming us, by waisting our time or do they own stock in this paper were supposed to buy?


same crap

i had got a message saying he was interested then he says he would call but cant cause hes deaf

Thats my question too? How

Thats my question too? How are they scamming if the check has to clear first?

Brandon Collins Sent me this

I will like to proceed with payment asap and will like to handle shipment myself when you must have gotten your cash at hand. I work with an auditing firm and will not have time to mail a check. I am in no rush to pick up the item till funds are clear at the bank.As there are too many scams on internet as regards buying and selling with large bogus account. My mode of payment will be via Electronic Cashier Check drawn on .(Bank Of America).Electronic Cashier checks is fast and secure. You will probarbly need a business check paper to print and cash or deposit the check today.The business check paper is sold for $20 at any stationery store,staples or at your local office supply outlet.I will add the cost of supplies to your asking price with an extra offer for accepting my mode of payment. I will need your name and address with valid email address to send the Echeck to your email which you can print immediately when you must have purchase the supplies at staples or any stationery store. Kindly delete the advert of this item if my mode of payment is accepted. I will await your email asap.Please provide your phone number!and i will be offering you $100 with the asking price so please get back to me with the asking price so i can send the check asap!

Then after mentioning we would rather use paypal, we got a reply like "I have a Paypal account but it isn't working" or something like that.

Brandon Collins

I got one from Brandon Collins as well in the past week. BEWARE!!!

"Sounds Good.
I want to purchase the item today and pay you via Electronic Cashier Check drawn from my Bank of America account it is a real cashiers check after you print it. The check will be sent to you immediately via email all you need to do is purchase a Business check paper at any Office depot or stationary store to print the check on and immediately when you print the check proceed to your Bank to deposit or Cash it,the Business check paper cost $20 only but i will offer you $50 to purchase the Business check paper to print the check.The item will be picked up from you by my Company shipper so you don't have to worry about shipment of the item also I will wait for you to confirm and clear the check before the shipper come to pickup the item from you actually I should have handled this myself but i am not available to do that now i am currently away for my Company seminar that is why i want you to do this and i will pay you $50 to purchase the Business check paper to print the check.This is the fastest and best method of payment because it is instant once you purchase Business check paper all this process of printing and cashing of the E-check can be done within 2 hours.

Do you think the scammer

Do you think the scammer real name was brandon collins? do you still have the email address by chance he was using? I see this happened almost a year ago.. very important to me though.