Euro Millions International Lottery Scam: Contact Our Fiducial Agent Immediately

Another scam preying on ignorance (and greed).

Date Jul 24, 2007 11:24 AM
Subject Contact Our Fiducial Agent Immediately

Contact Our Fiducial Agent Immediately
We the members of the Euro Millones International Lottery Board are pleased to inform you of the results from our just concluded lottery draws. The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 2,000,000 email addresses comprising of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your email address emerged as a category "A" Winner. You are to receive a cash prize of US 950,000.00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand United States Dollars Only). Your prize award has been insured with your email and will be transferred to you upon meeting our requirements, statutory obligations, verifications, validations and satisfactory report . T o get your above stated prize, you ar e advised to contact our fiducial agent immediately via email with your winning information stated below and personal datas requested below;

(I) Batch No: BCA/022/CAC
(ii)Ticket No: 197 -033-02345
(iii Lucky No: 04-6-8-12-24
(iv) Ref No: MTD/SAN/9500/LAS.

TELL: +34 666 354 376
Name: Mr. Miguel Fernando.
Fill the Claim form correctly:
Your full name:-
Date of birth:-
Occupation: -
Telephone number/Fax:-
Lottery Date:-
Dr. (Mrs). E milo Sanchez.
NOTE: Your winnings should not be in an yway disclosed to any one until you have successfully claimed your prize. All irreqular, suspected or multiple claims will be rejected result ing to a forfeit of prize.



Euromillion international

I have got a mail from euromillion international that my email won usd 1850000 only Ref: LSLCA/2031/8161/04 batch no: 14/011/IPD serial no: 0465600 is it real or false

This Bloody Scam!

Absolutely amazing! How can this continue if, as you say, this is a scam?!?!? What world are we living in???????

is real or scam ?

Dear Lucky Winner
Congratulations to our Lucky you won! I am pleased to inform you that your e-mail address associated with the number of tickets UKNL/B4401 with serial number: 00811C drew numbers/02-06-21-23-43-47/of Bonus Lucky Number 29 , which was successful for the winning amount of 820 thousand USD (Eight hundred and twenty thousand United States dollars), with the following personal information, it will be to assist in processing and payment of prize money.
Full Name ....................
Age .....................
Occupation ...................
Private phone number ............
Country / Home Address ...........
Number of winning tickets ..........
Bonus Number ................
Marital Status .............
Fax (if any )..............
Here is contact information for the claims agent:
Name: Dr.Williams Kalu
Email: Direct Line w.kalu @ +43 676 593 7290
Congratulations once again!
Jones Mrs.Marie For United Nations Lottery Program

It is real,i also won from

It is real,i also won from tthe same lottery 2 years ago and received my prize

Congratulations, You Have Won

Recept the mail at 2010-12-22

British Euro Millions Results
London, England.

Congratulations!!! You have won in the 357th Draw of the Euro Millions Online Promotions

The draw took place on Friday December 17th 2010 at 10pm CET (9pm UK time).

Your Email Address was attached to Millionaire Raffle: TBY718206 and drew the lucky Nos: 16 20 22 32 42 Bonus 9 from a total of 104,774 Email addresses in the 2nd Category. You have therefore been approved to claim a Star Prize of Two Million Seven Hundred and Fifty Four Thousand Pounds Sterling (£2,754,000.00) in cash credited to File No: 6712314/ZAR/2010.
Below is your Winning Details;

Reference No: 27-39/MOP/2010
Batch No: 6-4/21/MOP/2010
Amount Won: £2,754,000.00

For claims, contact the Britain Claims Fiduciary Agent with details below with the above reference and batch numbers along with your full name and contact phone number for the release of your winnings:

Mr. Steve Cook

Congratulations once again

Yours Truly,
Mrs. Bridget Knowles
Online Co-Ordinator
Euro Millions Online Promotions

Copy Right (C) 2010 Euro Millions Online Promotions


Guys do you realy think a ligitimate company use 3rd party email adresses like The next point is, there is no mail address! Of course not cause then you would figure out it's a fukin scam when you use golden pages to do some research.

So stop dreaming and safe your money!!!!

is a scam

I recived exactly the same email, in the case that will be true the code should be diferent, I dont thit that they have many winner for the same day and the same prize and How win something that I never try to win, is strange... well, look like scam.

euro millions scam

i got this e mail and i dont know if its a scam watch out everyone.

Congratulations!! Prize Winner;

We are glad to inform you that, Your E-mail has been selected as £1,500,000.00 British Pounds Winner in 'December' 2010 Promo Draws: This prize was AWARDED to your E-mail Address through a ballot system by Liverwood Promo,lottery programme.

Claim Prize by sending the FORM BELOW;
Complete Name........
Cell Phone...........
Alt. Email...........

Claims Option:
1. Bank Transfer.. 2. Certified Cheque (Check)

Respond to:

We await your Immediate Response. We shall then, send you further message on how to claim your prize.

Dr Lucy Giles
Liverwood Inc


Euro Million Promotion Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 6:00 PM
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Euro Lotto Promotion Company of Scotland.
Edinburgh, Scotland EH12 8LP,United Kingdom.
Ref: XYL /26510460037/10
Batch: 24/00319/IZP

Attn: Euro Lotto Winner,

This mail is to officially inform you once again that it was your E-mail ID (, emerged you a lucky winner of a brand new laptop with cash prize of £750,000.00 in our 2010 end of year Euro Million Promotion e-mail sweepstakes promotion. Your winning verification process is completed and your approved winning cheque is set for delivery.

Your winning amount will be delivered by our diplomatic envoy to your country and we will only hand over the parcel to you as the true beneficiary, you only will be required to sign for collection. And you must have a valid identification of yourself as proof. Also winners are not allowed to send their friends or relatives to collect their winnings on their behalf for security purposes.

It is our usual practice to carry out a routine verification about the custom policy of a country before embarking on any international delivery so as to avoid complications. We wish to inform you that the custom in your country has made us understand that upon the arrival of our delivery Diplomat officer, your parcel needs to be cleared at the custom post by the custom. This is because the winning amount which we are bringing to you is a very huge sum and such amount requires a custom legal clearance/approval.

You are advice to make the required custom duty fee available to him once he arrives India to enable him fulfil the normal Indian Customs clearing obligations at the International Airport so that your parcel containing your cheque will not be held/delayed at the airport where our diplomat will arrive.

The diplomat (Mr. Peter Fox) will personally present to you your winning cheque and all the relevant documents covering source of your winning funds including your winning certificate and other relevant documents. Also he will assist you throughout the process of remittance there in your home country (INDIA). The delivery of your prize is currently on the way as it is passing through the British Security Screening. Due to the urgency needed in this delivery we are informing you that all is set for your the delivery of your winning cheque to your home address without any delay.

Very importantly, you are to reconfirmed the below information to avoid any error on delivery.

1)Your Name:
2)Personal mobile number:
3)Home address:
4)Scanned copy of Any of your passport photograph or D/L:

If this terms of our delivering your winning parcel is okay by you. Upon the receipt of this email kindly inform us about your decision before we commence delivery.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Mr. Franklyn Cole
Tel: +447017515965
Payment and Release order Department

This time it came by text message.

Maybe the post is not relevant to the lottery but at least it is a scan too and the contact name is the same i.e. MR James Anderson. I recently got a text message like this:

CONGRATULATION! Your phone number has won $950,000 in the ongoing 02 promo. For claims contact