Another sad case of lottery scam victim losing money

I got this email today from someone who lost money because of the fake Microsoft lottery wining. He thinks that my site is Microsoft, and contacting me based on that.

People are milked in these scams on fake courier and insurance fees, then bank fees, and the scam goes on as long as the person continues to pay in the hope of getting money.

i have recd demanding 52500 INR for delivery of parcel .i request you this is matter of your company goodwill.please take serious action .so far i have recd related to microsoft lottery 50 e- mail, and i already lost 75000.00

Global Express Courier Services
Hog wood Lane,Industrial Estate London
United Kingdom.


REFERENCE NO: MLY-Y/250-450890
BATCH NO: 450THL#2008
Name On Parcel: MR. JEETENDER [...]
Date: 21st March 2008


Dear Customer (MR. JEETENDER [...]),

With regards to your mail few minutes ago, which was well noted and understood by this Courier Services. We wish to let you know that you are to pay for the delivery charges by which you have already choosen an option of delivery (24 hours delivery) and as soon as you make the payment, you are to send a scanned copy of the payment slip to this Courier Services email.

You have to pay the delivery charges of Total £650.00 (52,500.90 INR) to the Account Details Noted Below:

Name of Account Holder: Reshma Rafique Shaik
Account Number:026301508885
Name of Bank:Icici Bank Indian
Branch of the Above Stated Bank: Mumbai Indian.
As soon as we acknowledged the receipt of your Payment we will immediately Commence with the Delivery of your Winning Price to your address immediately. You also have to bear in mind that on the dayn on delivery you must be at your home.

Hope to hear your prompt response as soon as you have made the payment you are to send the scanned copy of the payment slip to our Email and as well give us an urgent call. Tel: +447045774100.

Your Urgent Attention Needed.

Yours In Service,
Sir William Hunt
Global Express Courier Services Dispatch Agent.

Global Express Courier Services
Hog wood Lane,Industrial Estate London
United Kingdom.


REFERENCE NO: MLY-Y/250-450890
BATCH NO: 450THL#2008
Date: 21st March 2008


Dear Customer (MR. JEETENDER [...]),

You are welcome to Global Courier Express Services,all we do here is make sure our services are satisfactory to Our Customers .The Parcel with Identification Number MLY-Y/250-450890 was received in this Company from the Microsoft Coporations Over Here In London United Kingdom to Be Delivered to you at your Home Address. Please note that we do not deliver to Post Office Box.

But you have to bear in mind that your winning price is kept under a hardcover and sealed it cannot be touched viewed or deducted my any agent/officer in this Company, it has been signed by the Management of this Courier Services and Also Authorized by the Microsoft Lottery Corperations. All you are to do is to choose an option of delivery then you have to pay for the cost of transfer from United Kingdom Down to your Country. As soon as we acknowldge the receipt of your payment here in London, United Kingdom then this Courier Services Company will commence immediately delivery of your Winnings to your address in your Country.


Description Of Parcel to be delivered
Item to be delivered: Winning parcel
Total weight of parcel: 4.53 kg
Color of parcel: Brown
Length of Days: Pending on your choice of class of delivery
Delivery Package Status : Not ready for dispatch

Please find below our charges:

Kindly note that we rate our postage charge depending on the high
sensitivity of the package to be delivered.

96 Hours delivery to your Country
(cost of delivery)
Insurance:£ 200.00
Vat (5%):£150.00
Total £450.00 (36,400.00 INR )

48 hours delivery
(cost of delivery)
Mailing: £150.00
Insurance: £200.00
Vat (5%): £150.00
Total £ 500.00 ( 40,400.00 INR)

24 hours Delivery
( cost of delivery)
Mailing: £200.00
Insurance: £300.00
Vat (5%): £150.00
Total £650.00 ( 52,500.90 INR)

PAYMENT TERMS: We do not accept cash upon delivery (COD) proposal for such package Air sure charge for onward delivery must be paid through our choice of service to our office as instructed within a period of five working days after the receipt of this mail so do make urgent contact with me upon receipt of this mail on the option you have choosen so as to provide you with the payments details required to forward the above stated Cost of delivery please note.

This company decline reverse payment for these charges, stating that it is against their professional policy towards ensuring the safe delivery of the cheque to you. That if a reverse payment is made, and something goes wrong, that we/you cannot sue the courier company or insurance company to recover the full value of the fund as stipulated in the cheque since payment for insurance cover was not made at point of mailing.With the above reason, reverse payment is ruled out.

Finally upon receipt of full payment , your package shall be dispatched via your choice of courier Express delivery system, as soon as we complete the shipment process an original scanned copy of your parcel shipment dispatch slip issued by the shiping company and the tracking number of the shipment will be sent to you for your verification.

All Parcels that are to be delivered by this company must be insured. And you should note that all Our Courier Delivery Charges Are to be paid to our Accounting Department before we can commence with the delivery of your Parcel.

Note: You are adviced to keep every thing and your winning numbers/tickets confidential to avoid double claiming of your Fund. You are also adviced not to broadcast your winnings in Public, you are to keep you winnings to your self untill we have Arrived Your Country.

Yours In Service,
Sir William Hunt
Global Express Courier Services Dispatch Agent.





Re : MySpace Winner

Hey Anonymous, My Dear Friend

Preciously, I've received such same mail from MySpace inbox too. It was before Valentine's Day, that I received that scam mail informing me of such a winning.

Thou, I never take that seriously, but still I did what my instinct tell me to do. Before responding to them, I tried on a few occasions to look for any detail/biodata of that particular person in MySpace Official website. But to my surprise, I've found out that there's so many profile bearing with the same name of Tom Anderson.

I did agreed with ya, the mail, itself, sounded very professional. But stil it's too cool to be true, rite. Especiallly, when the mail in my MySpace inbox was automatically deleted. My main suspect it was the game of hackers/malware. So my dear friend, please take note...

But as to confirm my suspicion, I responded to what they instructed me to do. By giving details and corresponding to them. They even instructed me to pay for the postage which I totally ignored. The game was up, when I email back to them informing of the scam they're plotting. Since then, I've never received any email from them.

I hope that it wasn't late enough for me to warn anyone about this bullshit scam online. As I was damn late to send that scam mail to report to MySpace report abuse section, as the mail was already being deleted.

That the reason why I've send my post here. To inform everyone whom may concerns, to be extreme careful when receiving such mails from MySpace inbox.

I seriously believe that was the best entertainment site & they had no link with this scam at all.

I know it maybe annoying at first but stil we're not the loser. Coz we don't lose our money, to their benefits. So thumb up to ya, for sharing your experience here. Best wishes from me, my dear friend...


Your English is very bad

Your English is very bad really...Try to improve it before to write any comment...I can't understand almost anything of your writing and i'm Italian...Too many people in Europe thinking that italians doesn't speak or write in English...What does it have to do with the tell of the hostel??!!...


Another stupid scammer trying to spread his scam ...

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