The turbulent and extreme weather in Canada

Snow In The Desert: Dubai Snowdome


In Dubai, UAE, the largest snowdome in the world has opened. Complete with an indoor ski slope, it has to stay at -2C while temperature outside exceeds +40C in summer. Its cost is 272 million US dollars.And here I am in Southern Ontario, where it is snowing outside as I type this, and wondering why would anyone want snow when they have warm weather?

Nanaimo British Columbia: The City With The Mildest Climate in Canada


It seems that there are places in Canada where there is no harsh winter weather. Nanaimo, B.C. claims to be the city with the mildest climate in Canada.It seems that Environment Canada record data for Nanaimo does back this up. You can also see a more detailed chart with record temperatures, snowfall, rainfall, ... etc.

First Snow Storm in Southern Ontario for 2005


Last week on Friday on November 18, we had our first snow fall, blanketing everything in white. It did not last long, and all melted the next day.Yesterday, we have a winter snow storm in earnest, with snow squalls, slippery roads, and snow plows on the road. The amount of snow is not that much compared to other storms in Southern Ontario, but the winds are very strong and the snow is blowing all around.According to The Weather Channel forecast on Thursday, South Western Ontario got off easy compared to the area east of Toronto, where the bulk of the storm was supposed to hit.  However, when I check it today, it says 1 cm of snow in Toronto, and 5 cm here.

Freezing rain causes dangerous conditions


Today was one of the most dangerous day ever I have seen in Canada. Overnight, there was a lot of freezing rain. Since it was a normal school and work day, I had to go out and drop both daughters to school.I briefly explained freezing rain in another article. Freezing rain can also make for a spectacular nature show when trees are covered with shiny ice.This was not one of these days. First, the car slipped in the drive way when backing out of the garage.

Canadians FOR Global Warming?


Considering the recent spat of extremely low temperatures, even by Southern Ontario's standards, why not support Global Warming?If you consider that some climate prediction studies say that temperatures could rise by as much as 11C, this is good news for Canadians!We should start by pressuring the government to reject the Kyoto agreement, and lobby other countries to do the same.


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