Khalid M. Baheyeldin

My name is Khalid Baheyeldin, and I am originally from Alexandria, Egypt, now living in Ontario, Canada.

With more than two decades of experience in the Information Technology field, I am the co-founder and Managing Partner of, Inc, which specializes in Drupal web content management consulting, including installation, development and customization. As a permanent member of the Drupal Association, I was on the General Assembly which elects the board of directors, and later on the Advisory Board.

On occasions, I am in the top 2 or top 10 contributors to Drupal.

You can read my resume online.

My personal photos page show how I looked over the years, or a more recent photo album, check my extended family. You can read about what the name Khalid means. You may also be curious to know my view on being a pharmacist, and how I got into computers and Information Technology?

If you are Egyptian, you may find the following articles interesting: ملوخية Molokheya, بطارخ batarekh, فسيخ و ملوحة Feseekh and Melouha and vanishing ways of cooking in Egypt.

If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you may find the article on Arabic and Islamic themes in Frank Herbert's Dune of interest.

On the technology and software side, I have been using UNIX since 1987, and to this day, I love Linux and use it to power my home network, which keeps growing (6 computers last I checked!). There is a section with a collection of articles on Linux. No wonder I am a command line fan.

I am also interested in Arabization in Computers, since it has its unique challenges. Several years ago, I wrote a Comparison of Internet Service Providers in Saudi Arabia., and collected some Middle East Internet Statistics.

Check the menu on the left for some writings, interests, hobbies, including astronomy, photomicroscopy and snorkeling, as well as places I have lived in or visited, such as Alexandria, Egypt, Canada, Saudi Arabia, or Paris, France.

You can read about various topics, such as my antique collection, desert fossils from Egypt, hare hunting in the Egyptian desert, the variety of Egyptian cuisine, and the wealth of Egyptian jokes and humor, and a lot more.

You will also find articles on History, Politics, Linguistics, Literature, and more. Please check the menu on the left of this page, and feel free to browse the many sections that we have.




Khalid, I came from the Drupal group.
The logo brought my attention and I would like to know what it means.
Thanks for this outstanding site. Sergio Vargas Puerto Rico

My family name

The logo is my family name (Baheyeldin: Arabic بهي الدين), spelled in highly stylized form using Arabic calligraphy.

Suitable for a coat of arms for "the dynasty", isn't it?
Khalid Baheyeldin

Your country must be proud of

Your country must be proud of you as you are the best Ambassadore and for free.
I am from Israel and work closely with the University of Alexandria in wghich together we and the University of Barcelona developped molecules for the benefits of the global pharmaceutical industries.

I wish you luck and long life.


Arabic Calligraphy

You certainly have a beautiful design for your site. Did you make it yourself?

Another question about the is the script read? I know that Arabic is written from right to left but it seems like the calligraphy in your logo takes shape of some kind. A little research about Arabic (ie Wikipedia) informed me that Arabic calligraphy often takes a form, such as the shape of an animal. Is this the case with your logo?

This is especially interesting to me as I study Chinese characters, which are not only pictographs, but can also be shaped into some form for artistic purposes. Sometimes, the calligraphy is abstract to the extent that it is no longer legible except by the person who wrote it.

Highly stylized

The logo is highly stylized. In plain Arabic it would be بهي الدين. The form in the logo is highly stylized, so it is not longer one character per position.This is the same practice that led to the development of the tughra. In my case, it is not an animal or anything special, rather it looks good the way it is, artistic, yet readable to those who can read Arabic. -- Khalid Baheyeldin


السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
أخي العزيز خالد انا فرحت كتير لما شوفت اسم عربي من الناس الي لهم مساهمات في دروبال
بصراحه انا جديد على الموضوع و من أجل ذلك انا بحاجه الى مساعده منك هل تستطيع
ان كنت تستطيع ارجوك ارسل لي على

اخوك المهندس محمد نشأت

معجب جدا

معجب جدا بالوحدات او الموجلز اللتي تكتبها في دروبل

الله يحفظك ويوفقك في دنياك و آخرتك ويمدك بالصحة ويخليك لعين ترجيك

وإلى الامام وان شاء الله نشوف مجلة ادارة محتوى عربية باسمك

Khalid you have a nice

Khalid you have a nice design of your webpage. I have read some of your posts in antique collection, desert fossils from Egypt, hare hunting in the Egyptian desert, the variety of Egyptian cuisine and it seems interesting since I like to know more about Egyptians culture and traditions. It seems unique to read at.

التاريخ الهجري

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

اخي الكريم خالد بعد الاطلاع على سلجك في مجلة دروبال وجدت لك مساهمه في وحدة


هل يوجد طريقة لإضافة التقويم الهجري إلى هذه الوحدة

مع خالص الشكر والتقدير


Hello Khalid, I've just read some of your work here about the Maltese language (translating the Cantilena and 'Wardija'). Great work and intriguing to read. A little like a linguistic crossword puzzle. I hope you find the time to continue your exploration of Maltese texts in the future.