Sun, 2008/03/02 - 21:30

Not that I agree with the anonymous poster's tone and conclusion.

However, this polarization in opinions (extreme on both sides) and the lack of good ways to discuss issues are two of our most pressing problems.

The low class comment was not referring to hijab, but to comments by others that the E.G.C has become "low class". It may have some truth in it, but still elitist attitude that pervades our society.

You descended to the same level by concluding he is Wahabi Salafi and called him/her "stupid". You called niqab "disgusting", thus offending those who wear it out of belief, no matter how we disagree with it. Then you go into denigrating Arab culture, which borders on racism.

Nonetheless, your point about religion being by actions it a good one. Rather than acting out of compassion for others, many have taken a confrontational and divisive approach to their faith.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Fri, 2012/04/20 - 04:41

Dear Tarek,
Fully agree with you and with yr comments above as well as the previous one. First to introduce myself, Im Ex-Sacred Heart School and my 2 daughters are
Ex-EGC .Ofcourse, the school is no more like as when Mrs Khalafalaah was its Headmistress.It becamse a mess. The girls are no more the well dressed, decent,polite and mannered girls . Their manners are even worst as ever. When coming to see them, it seems as if you are talking to street girls, their daialect, behaviour etc.. its cause now any family, whatever their social class is, can put in her child. The teachers even are neither english schools graduates nor their english pronunciation can work!!!. The distinguished teachers flew away to other international schools where they are well paid. Thus, in EGC there is a collection of rubbish teachers+rubbish school girls +rubbish families etc.......Moreover, the nekaab started spreading around and gives a very rude outlook of the school. EGC is no more as before.
My Dear Tarek, in our old days, an english graduate is self shown, the way she, talks, behaves and acts but nowadays, an EGC graduate is even unable to compose a sentence in english and at times after she finishes her studies, she goes to an english institute to learn english for BEGINNERS and for a vivid proof, please visit the face book and come to see how they talk with each other and conversing in franco arab, they even use bad words in expressing their disatisfaction and disconcent. No more to say inorder not to make y depressed and increase your blood pressure. Simply, EGC is no more, no more an ECG. B.Rgds
Maha Ex-Sacred Heart school +mother for 2 EG-Cians

Sat, 2012/11/03 - 04:35

Hi Maha, my Mother is also x Sacred Heart + EGC, Hoda Attia, my Great aunt (mothers aunt) was Naila el dafrawy , and she was also x EGC..we had generations in that school..i dont even care to think about anything in Egypt now, or shall we call it Masrakistan? From female genital mutilation, to the spread and now take over of religious salafi garbage, that country is finished all together! i wrote this 5 years ago & it has only gotten worse!

Sat, 2012/11/03 - 11:24

Anyone who uses the terms you used, and is totally bigoted and hateful like this, one has to wonder if he attended any school at all, let alone the EGC in its glory days.

Take your hate and intolerance somewhere else. You are not welcome here.

Sun, 2018/02/18 - 07:30


Sat, 2008/12/13 - 10:49

Hi Tarek,

I am an Ex EGC, graduated 2000,

 Just wondering if Ahmed dariry has a younger brother called Essam, and if Ramouna has a sister named sherine...

My sister Dalia Seif is a friend of the 2 Dardiries.. maybe you know her too



Tue, 2007/04/24 - 20:48

I left EGC a year ago but i agree with the guy that said that it looked like a low class school. When i first joined the school it was really nice but day after day they kept accepting people from differrent society levels. I guess they even cancelled the interview that has to be made at the begining before accepting the kid. I don't think i love it that much but i had fun with my friends all these years. I'm living in the U.S now too and i miss Egypt sooooooooooooo much.

Fri, 2012/04/20 - 04:59

Yes, true. I am not talking about a very high social standard, but what I'm concerned about is that at our old days, all those who were of a middle social class joined school, now, no interviews are held neither for the family nor for the child thus a very mysterious combination occurs:- ignorant families, below standard+disqualified teachers leads to a corrupted graduate not liable at all to be called an Ex-EGC

Sun, 2007/08/12 - 15:27

"low class school"

friggin bigots!

what exactly makes a decent school? is it the educational level or the social level of its students?

sheesh you people need a grip.

i wonder why Egypt is going down the toilet!