E.G.C. English Girls College in Alexandria, Egypt


Not gaining any listeners ...

Your style is too inflammatory, and you will not have many people listen to you if you continue to talk like that.

Be calm and people will listen. Be emotional and you are no better than whom you criticize.
Khalid Baheyeldin

I am in E.G.C right now !!!

I am in E.G.C right now and i think that people like MR.Tarek & MR.Anynomous both degrade of E.G.C !

I was an EGC student from

I was an EGC student from 1971-kindergarten- till high school. I remember the head Mistress Ms ann Khalfallah .and Ms Marzouk at the Rotonda..is anybody from this era?

I miss EGC so much

I attended EGC from KG to Grade 5. I left in 1990. I cannot remember any names. All I remember is that I used to take Bus number 2.
I Live in Canada now.

i want to say somthing to all

i want to say somthing to all ex-egces (boys or girls ) the way u critisiz ur old school is really bad and only says that the egc didnot teach u decpline. and all wat the egyptians do is to critisiz. if any body is seeing something bad happining come and fix it urself . i am an egc student i want to tell the person who said that girls are wearing makeup and jewellery i want to tell him/her that any girl who makes that kind of mistake is severly punished.

Woops. I accidentally posted

Woops. I accidentally posted that in a different page. Apologies Mr. Khalid!

My father is a former E.G.C. teacher! One of the best schools in Alexandria.

I can't believe you guys you

I can't believe you guys you just turned this page which was supposed to express love and nostalgia to our beloved incomparable school into this kind of talk , I can't even name it....guess what this will never change the way I'll always feel for this very special place and these unreturnable years of my life. I was looking for a school for my daughter this year, tears would curle up my eyes when I got to check a solid ground area that they call the playground, no grass at all, let alone what they call the library, the gym,...I'm talking about very well known schools here in cairo, with rocking reputations.I'm proud of every day I woke up, put on my pink or green school dress took the bus, stood in line went to the break took an honour hooked it on my cravat. what are you talking about. we will never learn to appreciate what we once had....


i totally agree with u ,EGC is a unique school in everything,there was an aristocratic ambiance allover it..the theater,the dinning room,the pool,library..everything,i don't think any of the new schools now days can be even remotely like our EGC,the only thing that breaks my heart is that school administration could'nt keep this high level of education and discipline that we were raised to. all our old famous great teachers r no longer working there anymore and finally this "tagreebya" chaos ..oohh may god bless our EGC


i was in egc from 1971 till 1983 i remmeber once entering the villa of ann khallafalla with her grand daughter rim bahtimi she was with me in the class it was summer and i wanted to know how it look from the inside
i remmeber that i was taking an english lesson in middle2 i think with an english teacherr called miss fiona in the liberary after school till and miss ann khallfalla always come out from the villa at 5 p.m to have tea with the boarders they always have dinner at 3 p.m and tea at 5.pm and study after that in liberary and sleep at 9 p.m i was interested to know how they live in the boarders
i remmeber hot pizza and it smell delicious usually done in the cooking room beside the sewing room and we use to run to buy some between lessons cause we are smelling it at lesson time and waiting for lesson to end to run and buy some i remmeber a lot og good thing about the school
sometimes they gather us in the theature to show us a movie and it is a free day without having lessons
the bazar days decorating class room for christmas having swimming lessons in the summer in e.g.c pool with my brother the fair from miss ann khalaffala , she use to salute flag with us happy happy days i am proud that i am ex egc