Mon, 2010/05/10 - 02:12

i was in egc from 1971 till 1983 i remmeber once entering the villa of ann khallafalla with her grand daughter rim bahtimi she was with me in the class it was summer and i wanted to know how it look from the inside
i remmeber that i was taking an english lesson in middle2 i think with an english teacherr called miss fiona in the liberary after school till and miss ann khallfalla always come out from the villa at 5 p.m to have tea with the boarders they always have dinner at 3 p.m and tea at and study after that in liberary and sleep at 9 p.m i was interested to know how they live in the boarders
i remmeber hot pizza and it smell delicious usually done in the cooking room beside the sewing room and we use to run to buy some between lessons cause we are smelling it at lesson time and waiting for lesson to end to run and buy some i remmeber a lot og good thing about the school
sometimes they gather us in the theature to show us a movie and it is a free day without having lessons
the bazar days decorating class room for christmas having swimming lessons in the summer in e.g.c pool with my brother the fair from miss ann khalaffala , she use to salute flag with us happy happy days i am proud that i am ex egc

Thu, 2010/06/17 - 19:13

I am GASER BARAKAT and in EBS school i like your language and i hoped to combine the 2 schools and i hoped that to strength the language togther.

Fri, 2010/10/22 - 13:06

My lovely school EGC i really spent my happiest days in this school since kindergarten till sanaweya aama with my nice friends and my lovely excellent teachers i must thank them all they all teach us in avery perfect way i hope my old friends can contact me again thank u EGC and thank for every one work there even our bus driver mr hakam allah yerhamo i love u all i love the people the buildings every every thing in EGC

Wed, 2010/12/15 - 22:16

I am trying to trace a Maria Mohsen that was at EGC from 1973-1976 or so. Any help will greatly appreciated.