Craigslist classified for used car: Cheque fraud scam

I recently listed a car for sale on craigslist and other local classified ad services.This is one reply I got, which is clearly an attempt at scamming:

From: Dave Smith <>Subject: [The title of the classified ad for the car]Hello,I just viewed your car posting on craigslist and i have interest on it i will like to know the present condition and two more pictures of the car before i proceed with the transaction.Thanks

Problem is, the scammer is not very smart. I did not posted pictures to begin with, so there are no more pictures. So, I sent this reply:

From: meTo: Dave Smith <>Pictures attached.

I intentionally did not attach any pictures. A genuine buyer would have noticed this of course. Instead, the scammer proceeded with the next step, revealing his true intent:

From Dave Smith <>To: meHello,Thanks for your reply i got all your information about the car and am ok with it, i will be making your payment today i need your full name and address to make your payment today through electronic check i will handle the shipment myself.All what you need about the mode of payment is to get a Blank check paper and magnetic versa ink to print the check, the check will be sent to your email and you get it printed from it. You can get this materials from the following stores.1. Office Depot2. Office Max3. Staples Store 4. Stationery Store5. Compusa.When you get this materials you can print the check out and immediately after the printing you can then get the check cashed at your Bank or any bank of america branch around you I will wait for you to confirm and clear the check.The payment will be in excess as i will want you to contact my shipper with the excess fund for shipping the car after you must have confirmed and cashed the check.i will wait for your bank to clear the check so you can deduct your own money and send the excess fund to the shipper via Western Union Money Transfer so as to cover the cost of shipping the car from your place to it's destination. I will add extra 100$ for the purchasing of check paper and magnetic versa ink.For more information about the mode of payment you can check the website and know more about it .Dont worry i will handle the shipping myself with my shipper. you can IM on this ID or call me on 9145954296 for more information.Thanks and God Bless

This is a classic scam where a fake cheque is sent to the victim for more than the amount owed, and the difference is to be wired to the scammer.



the new email address being

the new email address being used for your person is

Another scam

Im so happy i found this.I was selling my diamond necklace and a guy contacted me with the same info 3O TEN TEN STREET,IKOLA ROAD OSI OTA as the above person from beware!!!

Should I not cash this check

Should I not cash this check ? Barry Johnson wants to buy my bed .. He sent me a $3,850 check for my bed and his movers .

Stupid Scammer

He's not even smart enough to change his words although he DID change his email address slightly. Here's this jerks letter to me:

From: ""
Sent: Sun, August 1, 2010 10:21:51 AM

I am still willing to purchase the item,Can you attach me any other picture to view.I will like to proceed with payment,Because the item is needed urgently.My form of payment would be via (E-check).Electronic cashier check was drawn on my Bank of is faster and secure,to proceed with this payment, I will need your Name and address with your email address to receive the check from my client.You will go to any Office Depot Or Office Max,stationary store nearest to your place and purchase Blank Business Check Paper only that you will use to print out the check.Please add the money you use to purchase the paper to your asking price so my client can proceed to send the check via your email,and proceed to your Bank for instant cash once you have the check print out.Immediately your bank verify and clear the check.I will arrange for International Dependable Shipping Company to come and arrange for pickup.Get back to me to proceed further.

Thank you

I emailed him back that he was a low life scumbucket pig and then a link to this site. Stupid Shithead. I hope no one ever falls for his bull.

WOW!! thanks for everyones

WOW!! thanks for everyones comments i got the same information! but he was not bright he used 3 different names in the email but he has my address!! yikes!

How are you doing.....i would like to know if this item is stillfor sales if yes please get back to me is my phone number!503-665-3195....please email me your phone number! Thanks
From: James Collins

Then he sent this in reply! Mind you different email and name!

Good Day
Am interested in this item if its still for sale? Am okay with the price & condition. my mode of payment will be via certified check drawn on my Bank(Bank Of America), don't worry about the shipment-fees, I will arrange for a pickup. the check we be delivered to you in your home address is required to receive & cash the check which you can easily cash it from any one of the Bank. you will cash the check and have your cash at hand before i arrange for it to be picked up. kindly provide me your full name & contact address which the check will be issued/payable-to.

James Jim
1018 sam road.
St martinville, LA. 70582
Fax (337) 680-4275

God Bless You

Hello, I'm

I'm completely interested in buying it but I'm very busy with work and other important obligations so i anticipate that I'll have an Electronic Cashier Check issued out to you.I'm in no rush with you till funds are cleared in your bank.This is just a means to send bank check to your e-mail instead of mailing it to you and You will need a Blank Business Check Paper to print it from your e-mail. The blank business check paper is sold for $20 at staples, office max or any stationery store. I will reimburse you with additional $50 and we will arrange pick up when payment has been cleared by your bank. Kindly e-mail me back with your Name and Address address and also remove the Ad if you are interested in selling it to me to avoid interruption by others.

Expecting your response with details requested.

Deborah. is her email
I believe this is the same scam just got this email today

jerri james scam continues

James wrote:

Thanks for your respond and am so happy that you still have the item for sale while i will buying this item for a friend of mine who live in CALIFORNIA as his wedding gift...did you have paypal account?you can also register with them via and get back to mewith your full name and the Paypal account id so i can be able to transfer your payment immediately...i will add extra $50 to cover theshipping fee while i will be waiting to hear back from you soon
Here is the shipping details
Ron McPherson
1214 S Leland Ave Apt 78
West Covina, CA 91790
Get back to me as soon as possible with the shipment details..
> From:
> Subject: Re: You received an inquiry on your ad: NTT Hikari Internet
> Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 07:17:38 +0900
> To:
> Thank you for your inquiry.
> Yes we still process NTT hikari internet subscription.
> Pls. submit copy of your alien card front and back so we can process your internet application.
> Kind Regards,
> Joy
> Sent from my iPhone
> On Sep 3, 2010, at 6:41 AM, Japan Today Classifieds Notice wrote:
> > Dear mjoy,
> >
> > You received an inquiry on your ad: NTT Hikari Internet!
> >
> > From :
> > I viewed your item posted on japantoday List and I am interested in purchasing it, Still for sale?
> >
> >

craigslist scam

Seems like Joe Scott has changed his name. I am selling a Gazebo on craigslist and received this email within hours of putting the ad up.

I will like to know if it is stil available for sale and also if you can get back to me with a phone number.


At this point no name was given but the email address supplied the name of Cliffton Russ.

The next email I received from him was as follows:
I am highly interested in it and am okay with the price & condition. my mode of payment will be via certified bank check, the check we be delivered to you via e check ( which is fast,secure and generally accepted at any bank for cashout. only a VersaCheck paper (business size) is required to receive & cash the check which you can easily get from any of this stores (staples, stationary,office depots,walmart) cost $10.00. you will clear the check and have your cash at hand before i make arranagement for it to be picked-up. you can proceed to get the paper and as well provide me with your full name and & contact address which the check will be payable to. am awaiting you reply.

Clifton Russ
3031 Banks Street
New Orleans, LA 70119
(337) 680-4340

Since most people I know do not talk broken English like this, a major red flag when up. Also, my add specifically said Cash only. I send another email back stating I would only accept cash and work with an individual locally and this was the next email I received.

DOn't crate any atom of fear regarding this mode of payment payment is neither a fraud nor a scam, this mode of payment am introducing to you might sounds or look strange, it's a legit and generally accepted to keep you rest assured about this form of payment I will wait til you get the check cashed at your bank before arranging for the shipment. i would have loved have loved to come over with cash or mail you a check but am currently out on a business trip and I only have access to emails. you can proceed to purchase the VersaCheck paper from any of this stores (Staples,Office Max,Local Office Supply Outlet) which cost $10.00 and as well send me your full name and contact address along with email address where you want the check to be delivered.

The first email address was from and the second email was from

Please, Please beware of scammers and no matter what you do don't ever give any of your personal information out to these creeps!!!!

!!!PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE!!! - scammer email

He wanted me to give him my PayPal ID and email address. first of all i dont give my personal information out someone i dont know. Instead I requested his email and ID and he responded my email is the same one i am using now. I was real leery at first, so I played along and got the confirmation from PayPal, but then the address was from Nigeria. and now that I found that others were sent the same mailing address, that right there was my indicator of a scammer.


I have just ordered for your payment via PayPal. I am putting my trust in you and hope you will not disappoint me. I have sent your fund via (PayPal). PayPal will contact you immediately they verify your email address. Endeavor to email once you see the confirmation of payment. Kindly package the item ready to go for shipment also remember to ship the item via EMS of USPS so that it will arrive at my friend's address as soon as possible, i will await your email and also Express Mail Service Tracking Number. Please before you send the package, remove the paper work on the package because my friend told me it will reduce the custom charges in its country. I have added additional $100 to cover the shipping cost. I would like you to remove the case and you can put it in a small envelop so will look nice and okay. Here is my friend address below.

ZIPCODE :23439
PHONE # :+2348082023465

I will be very glad to hear back from you as soon as you receive the payment confirmation notification of your money...You can also proceed with shipment and also get back to paypal customer care service with the shipment tracking number as a proof for prompt verification so your money can credited into your PayPal account immediately.

Thank You.

Barry Johnson = SCAM

Barry Johnson = the worst possible scam artist.

FROM THE SMRT GUY:-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Barry Johnson to me
show details 11:44 AM (1 hour ago)

Thanks for your prompt response.

I'm completely ready to purchase it asap .

I anticipate that I'll have a Bank Check issued out to you. I’m in no rush with you till funds are cleared in your bank. I’ll instruct my mover to come for pick up when payment has been cleared. Kindly e-mail me back with your Name, Address, City, State, Code and Phone Number for the Bank Cheque.The Check should get to you within 2-3 business days via USPS express service.
Please remove the Ad if you are interested in selling it to me to avoid interruption by others.

Expecting your response with details requested.

Don't even respond to it. I know you want to sell your stuff but its just not worth even talking to him. Here is his newest email address being used: