Email Scam: Euro Million Award Lottery

Here is another scam email for the Euro Million Lottery.

From: EURO MILLION AWARD <> To: ...Date: Aug 14, 2006 11:45 AMSubject: FINAL WINNING NOTIFICATION 2006 EMAIL AWARD PROGRAMME EURO MILLION AWARDOFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENTINTERNATIONAL PROMOTION/PRIZE AWARD DEPT.REF: EMLA/61-ILGI0509/45BATCH:EMLA/15/096/WRCSRE: WINNING FINAL NOTIFICATION:We happily announce to you the draw of the Euro Million LotteryInternationalprograms held on the 30th July 2006 in Madrid Spain.Your e-mail addressattached to ticket number: 213440056545 168 with Serial number4188/05drew thelucky numbers:4 9 22 24 30 41 20 which subsequentlywon you the lottery in the 2nd category.You have therefore been approvedto claim a total sum of 500,000.00 Euro(Five Hundred Thousand Euro)in cash credited to file KPC/9087533308/03.This is from a totalcash prize of Five Million Euro(5 million Euro), shared amongst the firstTenth(10th)lucky winners in this category.Please note that your luckywinning number falls within our Madrid booklet representative office in Spain asindicated in your play coupon.In view of this, your 500,000.00 Euro(Five HundredThousand Euro) would be released to you by our security firm in Madrid, Spain.Our agent will immediately commence the process to facilitate the release of yourfunds as soon asyou contact him.All participants were selected randomly from World Wide Web sitethrough computer draw system and extracted from over 100,000 companies. Thispromotion takes place annually. For security reasons, you are advised to keepyour winning information confidential till your claims is processed and yourmoney remitted to you in whatever manner you deem fitto claim your prize.This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid double claiming andunwarranted abuse of this program by some unscrupulous elements. Pleasebewarned.To file for your claim, please contact our fiduciary agent:DR PETER JAMESSanta Lucia Security Company. Spain.Email:santalucespana@netscape.netEmail:santaluciaespana@casinomail.comTelephone: 0034-660 689 879For due processing and remittance of your prize money to a designatedaccount of your choice. Remember,You are to contact our agents by email and withina week of receiving this notice.After this date, all funds will be returnedtothe MINISTERIO DE ECONOMIA Y HACIENDA as unclaimed. To avoid unnecessarydelays and complications, please quote your reference/batchnumbers in anycorrespondenceswith us or our designated agent.Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program.Yours Sincerely,Wilfred MiguelLottery Director.



Scam - But the Attorney's are Legit????




The board members congratulate you!

This is to inform you that you have won prize money of GBP£580,000.00 (Five Hundred and Eighty Thousand Great British Pounds only) for 2010 International promotion award which is organized by the Global Euro Millions Promotion International team Headquarter United Kingdom.

Global Euro Millions Promotion International Headquarter United Kingdom collects all the active email addresses of the people online, and few from other e-mail providers. 10 people are selected to benefit from this promotion and you are one of the Selected Winners.


Winners shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre. The Prize Award must be claimed no later than 25 days from date of Draw Notification. Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited.

Fill in your identification claim details below


LUCKY NUMBERS: 06, 7, 26, 43, 39, bonus 21

These numbers fall within the England Location file, you are requested to contact our fiduciary agent in England and send your winning identification numbers to him;

Please contact our accredited legal representative below for your reward.

Name: John Martin Attorneys
Barrister At Law & Solicitors
Tel: +44 703 190 6765
Fax: +44 870 495 2758

You are advised to send the above information to your Accredited legal representative the release of your fund to you immediately

Congratulations once again and have a lot of fun. The euro millions International Promotion team UK.

International Promotion Team UK

I got an email message saying

I got an email message saying that I won 1 million Euros.

Dear Email User,
Your Email id with Ref No 7464/Award No ESP097 has won € in the Euromillion award held in June 15th 2010 in Spain.For claims Contact Mr.Peter Gil with +34602118170 and Contact Mail Box(

I asked them to explain what kind of reward for and they have responded.

Attn: Winner,
Sequel to the reply message we receive from you in response to the Online email Winning Information you received,We the Members of the EUROMILLION LOTTERY AGENCY do Congratulates you being one of the Lucky winners.Do note that you don't have to purchase a ticket to enter this lottery, and your email indicating you as a winner in the lottery programs held by the EUROMILLION LOTTERY was received. Your email address was selected through the computer ballot system drawn from over 25,000 company and 60,000,000 email addresses, your email address was found as one of the lucky email address that emerge from the first category to have won an Award Sum.The information was passed to you by the Lottery Coordinator to ensure that they are in contact with the rightful owner of the winning e-mail and web-site addresses. A Claim file is going to be Opened in your name which will be Legalized in the Notario Office here in Madrid Spain to obtain a Non Resident Certificate and there after taking to the Paying Bank for Fund Release and Remittance to your Nominated Bank Account or to you through Check.Do note that you can as well come to Our Office to personally process this Claim. PLEASE KINDLY FILL IN THE ATTACHED CLAIM FORM AND SEND BACK THROUGH EMAIL ATTACHMENT VIA THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSE.For more Information, please contact the under-signed
directly on 0034- 602-118-170 when calling .
Best Regards,
Mr.Peter Gil
We acknowledge the receipt of your application form,After normal verification and scrutiny exercise, you are found qualify to receiving payment of your won stated lottery prize. We shall proceed to conclude the payment process of your lottery prize, thus your Award Sum shall be confirm to you in your stipulated mode of payment within 72 working hours.
You are therefore require to proceed to Madrid in Spain as an official appointment has been scheduled for you on Monday 28th of June 2010 to come personally and sign the release Order document of your Lottery Claim. A certificate of award shall be awarded to crown you as one of the lucky winners of the year 2010 EUROMILLIONS LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL SWEEPSTAKES PROGRAM. This Certificate will give the Legal right to the Paying Bank to release your Award prize in your name.

You are therefore required to proceed with the following.

(1) A VALID IDENTIFICATION PROOF (It could be your passport or a drivers License).

(2)The Bank Account information to make the Transfer of your Award fund once the fund is released .The Fund can also be paid in Check if you do need that to be done.

(3)A print copy of the Application Claim form filled by you with the details intact.
Prior to your coming do endeavor to send your flight schedule details so that our protocol officer can be at the Airport to attend to you and bring you to the venue of the award ceremony.

Please note that failure to comply to this appointment date shall be made known to this office by calling as soon as possible so that an alternative arrangement can be made for you if you cannot come in person .We shall arrange for an Attorney here in Madrid in Spain to assist you in signing the release document as well as to collect the award certificate on your behalf .He will also take your file to the Paying Bank for the release of the Award fund to your designated Bank account.
All rights and obligation of any client to this claim will be denied if the release document is not signed.
We await your prompt response and acknowledgement. Congratulations in advance.
Best regards,
Mr.Peter Gil
Sent me a form to fill out wrdu with personal data.
I'm interested in whether this is a scam?

hey! i got a message too

I got a message that I won global millions mobile award 2010. Is it true ?if it is true please inform me about further steps to claim that

Estate of relative

I received a letter regardin an inheritance from Michael Graham & associates for information and a luis Iniesta who claimed to be the Director of Credit and Audit office Department and Foreign Remittance. None of the above is true they did have death certificate whick has the correct information on it, they wanted half of the estate because of the time spent contacting me and sending copies of Attorney Licence the concerning part is they had the correct logo on one of the Bank Santana but a different logo on other papers sent.

me winer

please help me
this realy?


its a scam everyone. i got the exact same email. my friend said she even got one saying she had won 6 million dollars because someone from her family had died. they showed this letter to a lawyer and he said it was a scam. stupid faggots. WE HAVE GOOGLE! of course we will know it its true or bullshit. geese some people >_> :@

Another Scam

EURO MILLION LOTTERY has shared photos with you.
CONGRATULATION!!! YOUR EMAIL ID HAVE WON 750,000.00 EUROS FROM EURO MILLION INTERNATIONAL EMAIL ID PROMOTION OFFICE LONDON................................................................. CONGRAT!!! THIS IS NOT JUNK EMAIL! OUR C.T.H.DATABASE HAVE SHOWED THAT Your Email ID have won 750,000.00 EUROS in EURO MILLION LOTTERY PROMO HELD THIS MONTH SEPTEMBER 2010. To claim your PRIZE contact: Mr FRANK WALTER Via PH:+447010030127 ..........................................................All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 800,000 EMAIL ADDRESSES WORLDWIDE..............................................Your EMAIL ID attached to Ticket no: 357-01467446-224, Batch no: 07-3663, Ref no: P/P/137/525/15486/10, winning no: 02-07-14-25-44-02-04, PRIZE CLAIM TRACK No: X-8007891324-Z which consequently won the lottery on the 3rd category. You have therefore been approved for a lump sum payout of ?750,000.00 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND EUROS)in cash credited to file REF.NO: P/P/137/525/15486/10.......................................................................And also be informed that 10% of your lottery wining belongs to DIRECT SECURITY NETWORK, because they entered your EMAIL ID for this draw and they are your claims agent..... KINDLY FORWARD THE FOLLOWINGS TO YOUR CLAIM AGENT:................. 1.A PROOF OF YOUR IDENTITY [ANY VALID IDENTITY CARD..............] 2.PASSPORT PICTURE PHOTOGRAPH COPY 4 BY 4 SIZE COPY......................(3) Residential address:...............(4) Tel(Mobile):......................(5) Nationality/Country:.............{6}First Name and Last Name...........{7}Occupation..........{8}Age............{7} Sex............NOTICE:...BELOW 18YRS OLD MUST NOT COME FORWARD FOR CLAIM OF PRIZE:..........YOURS SINCERELY,MARIA JOHNSON,EVENT MANAGER.EURO MILLION TEL:+447010030128


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REF. NUMBER: EQNS/WIN/E-lotto:19:/

Dear Email Client,

This is to notify you that your email address shown above has won the free online
EURO MILLIONES LOTTERY GAME of the 15th edition computer ballot Draws
that was hosted in Madrid Spain. This < EMIAL> tally to an award prize of €815,000

The accredited owner of the emarge email address should please contact the appointed
agent with the above winning data including his/name as well for claims attention.

GLOBAL AGENCIA DE ESPAÑA ( Lottery claims department).
Mr. Haldman J Steve
Tel: 0034634098213

Congratulations once again from our board of Directors.

Mrs Marto Sanchez. (Secretary)
Euro Milliones Board.
Madrid, 11th September. 2010.

********This notice has been strictly verified by the Head Anti-Scam Lottery Commission (anti-fraud unit spain), normalized only for the intented recipient.*******

Scam junk trash

Attn: Lucky Winner!!!

This is to notify you that your e-mail address was selection during the annual Euro Millions Lottery Draw and have won the sum of 470,000 euros.

You are to contact below claim officer for immediate process of your claim; Remember to quote these numbers below for verification.

BATCH NUMBER: EURO/1007/444/606/10.

You should include Your Name, Sex, Age, Occupation, Nationality, Phone numbers.

Mr. Antonio Guzman (Claim Officer)
Tel: +34-688-298-235

Best regards,
Mrs. Maria Jose.
Euro Milliones Team

pedido de auxilio

Minhas desculpas de coração, mas perante vc para pedir solidariedade estou
com problemas de saúde e necessito de tratamento se depender de INSS morrei
esperando e sem condições financeiras peço que se possível colabore com
minha luta, pois sendo questão de vida ou morte, tratamento de 125.000,00
reais ate o momento só consegui 15.000,00 entre economias e doações peço se
poderiam me ajudar com alguma coisa lhes agradeço meu banco e banrisul
arg.0218 conta corrente 35.820737.0-6 por favor não quero morrer peço de
coração com o que puderem me ajudar sei o quanto vale uma vida humana hoje
,e neste pais para vc ser visto vc precisa ser político ou ladrão não quero
ser nem uma coisa e nem outra e como assalariado vc não e ninguém fico
triste com o brasil quando vc fala a verdade nao e ouvido politicos mentem
dao golpes e nao sao punidos