Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher?

Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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  • In your message, list the years you have been in EGC, your name, the name(s) of the persons you are looking for, and a way to contact you (phone, email, web site, ...etc.
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Looking for friends class 1990

Hi , hope to find any colleagues as I lost all connections to my classmates , I currently live in Dubai if there is anyone in Dubai I would be happy to reconnect

Hi im ex graduate from egc in

Hi im ex graduate from egc in 2006 any one graduated in this year can contact me

Looking for my friends

Iam looking for maha zegalaeeمها زجلعي ahmad brakat -hanı el mesereee-mohsmd abu shosh-tarek fahme-احمد بركات- هاني المسيري- طارق فهمي-
They were all ın delalıa class
We were a group
And ıam one of the bordıng gırls wıth lubna - naela-maha - delaılah -neveen
In the 70,s

Fernande Chakour

Hello everyone,
I'm trying to find a lady named Fernande Chakour, who I suspect attended EGC sometime between 1935 - 1941. She met and married my great-uncle, Buck Palm, a pilot with the South African Airforce, sometime between 1939 - 1947.
I realise she may have passed away by now, but did any of you know her or does anyone know how I could attain old EGC records to look for any info/photos they may have relating to her or her family?
Ronnie van der Weide.

EGC 1977/8/9

Hi my name was Candy Hedges, my sister Laylah and I were at EGC in the late '70's. I was in the junior school (was 8 or 9) and am looking for my friends Sherine El Gazar or her sister Gigi, Summer and a British girl Diana. I have such amazing memories of EGC and long play times running around the field. Thank you....

Looking for anyone who knew Sameera Hamdan

Hi, my name is Sheila and I am Sameera Hamdan's granddaughter.

She was born in 1944 and attended EGC in the 50s. Unfortunately, she passed away at the young age of 32 due to breast cancer. In her short life, she managed to become the first female news broadcaster in the Gulf and was a wonderful mother to 2 daughters (one of whom is my mother).
Since she died when her children were so young, my aunt and mother have very little recollection of her.

If anyone knew her or knew of her, I would greatly appreciate if you could reply and share the memories that you have of her with us.

We have also created a memorial page for her on Facebook, so feel free to visit and post there as well. The page url is: https://www.facebook.com/sameera.hamdan.9693

Thank you so much.