Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher?

Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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I was at the E.G.C. from the

I was at the E.G.C. from the year 1964 to the year 1975 ,I was a boarding house student from Libya.

Now I would be very happy to get any body's letter to remember the good old days my email address is ebtissamgaffar@yahoo.com

Anybody is welcomed to write me.


Hi Ebtissam,
I'm Noran Shafey, we were in the same class in the EGC at one point.
I see Mohammed Hanno has contacted you about some friends, I'll try to get you both e-mails of Gilan Saleh and Sahar el Abd. Where are you now, back in Libya? Would love to arrange some sort of gathering as we usually do when we find one of our class-mates, please keep in touch,

Hi Noran

Hi Noran

Thanks for your concern, well I am back in Libya married with 4 kids eldest 20 a very handsome boy studying law and the youngest a girl in jounier 6, I am a house wife gaduated from university ,I had a job for some time but later gave it up to look after the kids. what about you ? I hope one day we would get together, please stay in touch , till then my God bless you.

hi noran how are you i hope

hi noran how are you i hope this summer will be a good opportunity to meet beacuse im in northcoast today, i and sohar mekeey and mona el dafraway will meet , i hope to see you soon and be in contact ragia.

Hi Ibtissam, your name

Hi Ibtissam, your name imediately rang a bell. i also was a boarder, from 74 to 78 or 79. you were one of the kinder seniors, who allowed us to hang around. i now live in the uk.

Delilah also friend of Hajar

I remember you and Hajar. I have pics of us on a few trip out of school. Soraya

Looking for Miss Wadida Mashreqi

If any body has the address of miss Wadida Mashreqi, who was the headmistress of the boarding house, please let me know.

I would be very thankful.


Looking for El Defrawi Family Members

I am looking to contact members of the Al Defrawi family of Alexandria, Egypt who were associated with EGC.

My name is Chris Musial and I was an English teacher in Alexandria in 1984 and 1985. The Al Defrawi family befriended me and made my stay extrordinarily memorable.

On a recent business trip I met an associate who went to school with Mrs. El Defrawi and all the fond memories came flooding back. I would be grateful if you could help me make contact with the El Defrawi family so that I could say "hello" and find out how Aza and everyone else is doing.

Best regards,

Chris Musial
Marketing Director
International Language Institute
Halifax, Canada

A recent E.G.C. gradute

Dear Mr.Chris,
I hope that "Aza",the one you are asking about,is Mrs.Azza Fawzy or Salem(after marriage).She's the one who taught me everything about English & novels & poetry in middle 3.I'm still in contact with her,I have her phone numbers too,so,if she's the one you are asking about,let me know by e-mail,I'll tell her about you anyway may be she remembers you.
Best regards.