Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher?

Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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Gumppy is in Italy (Pissa) he is in touch with Dina in London
he came two years ago to Egypt and we went diving together.

Dina El Sioufi has his contact details.


I have been meaning to track him down, and looked him up on the internet and found that he is a "dottore" in Pisa. Could not find a contact for him, but looking in a phone book saw one Paula Gelato there.

searching for a friend

Hi everyone
My name is Fandah ,I graduatd in 1998 .I'm searching for a friend that left to The United States summer 1994.
Her name is Sarah Mostafa Abdel Monem Abdel wahab,known as Sara Mostafa.

Who I really think might know anything about her is,Shaimaa Zaki,or maybe Doha.
If any one knows any thing about them please contact me.

Hello Sara FouadWe went to

Hello Sara Fouad

We went to Med school together,Maha and I. (Great times!) But she left to Cairo 1983 or 1984 to get married before she finished. I'm not sure she graduated. We met later in Agamy 1995. Haven't seen or heard from her since. She has a son Ahmed and daughter Malak. She doesn't work.
As for Samar, sorry...no clue.
If you remember Merrylise El Asiouty, she lives in Cairo now with her sister. Phone to be sent to you in an email.

Sandy... I am soooooo Happy!

Hallo Sandy!
You can't imagine how happy I am to find you after all those years. Please get in touch via email as soon as you can.
Miss you a lot!

Rehab Hamdi

If you are the one i know, then its Riri. Your sis was Nano. Sned me your tel numbers and i will call you.

Ramsey Ghorayeb

Hi Ramsey,

It is me Rehab Hamdi. How are you doing? Great to hear from you. I haven't really checked this website for some time. That's why I didn't answer you earlier. I live in America now and so does Reem. You can e-mail me at rkinias@aol.com

rare memories

if its riri then you are the one i know ,if you are still working out then u r deffenetly the one who gave me good abs and helped me keep fit ! lol

! and if its ramzy ghorayeb - uncle alex's son then you are the one i know

well i would like to hear from both of you.
i am glad that i got the chance to go through this site , and i saw allot of names that rang bells, ramzy ghorayeb ( old days of bazar and class of nano hamdy ) though both are older ( i graduated class of 92 ) yet they are freshly carved in my head as the first dive i had ( i was 3 years old ) and they were the ones behind the crime scene @ the club ! if they are still have fresh memory then they must recall that we had another place called home ( yaught club)
if this info will help in recalling me : then , i will give you a clue : i am amr hadidi's grand daughter , i am ayman and ashraf luxor cousin ! shereefa hadi (shery ) maggi and riri cousin >>>
i am married and live in ottawa -ON canada ,
i would love to hear from both of you ramzy ghorayeb and reehab hamdy !

Rare Memories

Sorry I haven't checked this website for some time, that's why I haven't responded to your comment. I live in America now, but just came back from Egypt and actually met your grandma.

If you find my response, you can contact me by e-mail: rkinias@aol.com - but write something in the subject that identifies you, otherwise I don't open the e-mails.


Rehab Hamdi

hi indimi

hi amina , i went to vixctory college with ur brothers ibrahim and ahmed and i never saw them since we had a coomon friend an egyptian called hamdi ,i am going to egypt soon i hope u can hepl me find him .i left in 93 if u said up to 98 then u must know more about him please reply soon.