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Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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Hi Seham and Khaled

Great to hear about you two. Please send me your mail addresses. Does any body know the where abouts of Gianpiero Gillato and Hazem Sakr?

Some info

Last I know, Hazem worked in the IT department in the WHO when it was in Alexandria. It was moved to Cairo some years ago. You can see a collection of info on Hazem Sakr on my site.

As for Giampiero, he went to Italy to study medicine, and we never heard back from him ever since. I guess we can look him up in the phone book maybe?

You can also check the friends section on this web site for info on some people you may know or remember.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Wonderful page

Hi, Khaled

Thank you very much for setting up such a wonderful page. What an idea!

I went to EGC from KG1 1973 till 1987 (I think !!!) when I did GCE and joined medschool. My classmates were Karim Elbarshoumy, Ahmad Ghobashy, Ihab Shams, Ihab Agamy, Sherine Nafe3, Dina ElTounsy, Gihan Hassan, Nermine Elshakankiri, Sawsan Kato, Nevine Saleeb, Rania Ragab, Nader Gayed, Reem Makram, Abeer Faisal, Laila Binbrek, Ola Ragheb, Ahmad Rashad, Hala ElAreeny, Miral Younan, Hafsa Mojadady, Dalia Elsorady AND Sagy Elshafey (Noran's sister in message above).

I also remember people from other classes including Karim Elsahwy who was in same year group, different class. Shahira Abu steet, Mahmoud Eltaweel who used to go home in the same school bus as me, Essam Meharem and Ayman Defrawi who were in the class next door, though they were a MIDDLE3 class and mine was only middle 1. We were the only two classes on that corrifor. There was probably a good reason admin felt they had to isolate those two classes, dont you think?

I live in the Uk now and feel quite cut off from everybody. It's great to have this page!

please don't feel cut off from everyone

Hi Noha
I have read your comments , I am an X EGC and so is my wife we both live in the U,K as well so please feel free to get in touch with us my e mail ststones@yahoo.com

Ashraf el Gowhary

Just sent you a message

Hi , Ashraf, just sent you an email.Please check your mail.

x egc

hello i am x egcian as well and I live in UK, I left egc in 1996.

Hi Noha

I dont know if u remeber me or not, i was with u in middle school i think , its such old history, how r u doing?? Hope all is fine with u

Heeeey, yes of course I

Heeeey, yes of course I remember you. Sorry I haven't been on this page for some time. Glad to see your message. But you're wrong about the middle school, Asser. We were together starting junior 4 or maybe earlier. I remember you were fascinated with football at the time.

Of course, I do

Hey, of course, I remember you,Asser .. but we were together astarting junior 4 or earlier. I remember you were fascinated with football at the time. Glad to see your message.I havent been to this site for some time now only just saw it.

PS: sorry if you get this message twice, khaled.Had to resend because I didn't put my name at the top of the previous one.

X-E.G.C. Dalia Elsorady

Dear Noha,

I am really happy that you still remember me. This is Dalia Elsorady. I still live in Alexandria. Please contact me via e-mail if you receive this message.