Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher?

Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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  • In your message, list the years you have been in EGC, your name, the name(s) of the persons you are looking for, and a way to contact you (phone, email, web site, ...etc.
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hi Amira my name is nahla i

hi Amira

my name is nahla i graduate from E.G.C 1996 i am living in dubai , Mrs. Azza fawzy is my best taecher please if you can send me her email or contacts

thank you very much

Hello! Inquiring about Ms.Azza

Hi! My name is Nancy Morsi, please I really want to get in touch with Ms.Azza, the only time I was able to go visit the school, she was not there... Please email me her contact info, I don't know if she will remember me tell her nancy Morsi from London hopefully this will remind her, I was her student 19 years ago... It is very important... I keep dreaming about her.
Thank you

Class of 1994 ( or 1991 as middle 3)


My name is Tamer El-Attar, I am an X-EGC also but class of 1994, I graduated from Alexandria Univ. in 1999 with an honor degree, I got a scholership at Univ. of Miami USA, i did my masters and i m now doing my Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering dept in Univ. of miami, where i also work as a research assistant.

Would love to hear from old friends, remember that as a boy; i left EGC in the year 1991 ( middle 3) but i would count as class of 1994.

hi tamer i remmeber you me

hi tamer i remmeber you me name is nevine i live in unite kingdom now

I am an EGC graduate class

I am an EGC graduate class of 1972, looking for Soad El Sayer, if anyone has her e-mail address or any other way to contact her, please email it to me.

Also I would love to hear from any of my other friends at EGC.

Hi Salwa

Hi Salwa,

Aren't you the blond geen eyed girl who was with us in the boarding school?.

I have very little about Soad, I visited school last summer and the door man told me that Soad was there a year ago with her daughters.

Hi Salwa

I'm Randa ,I was a friend of yours , I would love to hear from you and how you are doing.
Best Regards.