Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher?

Here are some tips for trying to locate your ex-E.G.C. friends and colleagues, or even teachers and staff.First, try the Links and Resources page. There are many commerical sites that have a section on E.G.C., but their coverage is spotty.If you a relatively recent graduate, then contact your ex-colleagues. It is fairly easy to do so since not a lot of time has passed If you have graduated decades ago, like me, you can do the following:

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Looking for anyone class 1975-76

This is really great.

Thanks to whoever came up with the idea.

I really think alot about our school days and the friends I miss so much.

I still live in Alex if anyone remembers me send me an email I was after all your games captain saharelabd2 at hotmail

Our very dear school EGC and the nice days we shared together

To my dear school friends (the ones i knew and the ones i wasn't lucky to know)

This is by far the nicest site that i came across. I attended EGC from 1973 till 1985. Those were the nicest years of our youth. We shared so many nice days, actually years.I wish we could turn back the clock.

I am happy to have come across this site and hope to get emails and coordinates of all of you whom i knew, but lost contact with.

Very sincere regards to you all

Ramsey...can't believe it's

Ramsey...can't believe it's been so long, we were always in same class till I went to Canada...would love to get in touch...

please contact

ramsey and tamer,please send me a email,with your contact details.thanks




i am just looking for my friends from school
i was graduated in 1997
i remember nesrin and amira and marwa nabil she was so smar actualy and nashwa nagy
anyone who knows them just contact me

Looking for an E.G.C. colleague or teacher

i am nanis eid rihan i attented the school in 1982 amd graduated in 1995, now i am an english translator. i got married and my daughter joined the EGC this year, she is promoted to KG2
i am looking for my classmates, if anybody recognize my name , pls contact me

Hello Nanis, this is my

Hello Nanis,
this is my school year too, i actually remember the name but pardon my memory i cant remember the face,
I suggest you try Facebook, anyway; this is my E.G.C. class photo album, it might help ;-)

Looking for my Friends


Firstly i would like to thank you for this website, its great especially the history section very interesting..

Secondly , i am trying to find my friends from school, i would have graduated in 1997 but i left the year before graduation to go live in new zealand.. Surely someone out there will remember the girl that went to live with all the sheep .. :)

I would love to get in touch with my old friends and reminisce over old memories..

Miss you all very much..
Maha Raslan

welcome back

Hi Maha

How r u ..i didn't think that i'll have the opportunity to see u or talk to u again ...I don't know if u will remmember me or not but i think that u will isa i'm MAGDA and we used to go every where when we were at senior 2 .

hope that u r having a greet life so far and i hope to get more news from u

you frined

I'm glad I joined this group

I'm glad I joined this group it brings up all those treasured memories..if you were at EGC between 69 till 76 or more I'm sure to have met you ..By the way my name is Rola Darwish .I remember names like Hala farid and hala maksoud ,mohamed el meligui,yaseen mansour,shereine guinena(sorry if I spell yr names wrong) mohammed her bro,nevine sebahi and nibal akkad..it has been a very long time .