List of famous graduates of E.G.C.

Do you know someone who graduated from the E.G.C. that turned out to be a famous personality?If so, please add a comment below with the name and year they graduated, and a brief introduction on why this person is famous. 




i realy need your help in this because the school is falling down
here is my E-mail
i am ready to do anything for this school

pleeeeeeez dont egnore

The EGC 2010 disaster :'(:'(

Hey Yousra,
I'm an EGC student now in senior 3. The fact that we're living now is very miserable. Maybe you heard about it and maybe you don't. The minister of education wants 2 change the school from being related to national institutes to an experimental school. I'm not worry abt myself isa I'll be an EX-EGC & I'll have my EGC diploma. I'm worried about the coming generations..about the school history..about our memories we lived there..about every single feddan.
They've discharged our head mistress "mrs. Nehal Afifi"..they got us someone called "Ebtsam" from mostafa el naggar school..she insulted us and she said that EGC is the past scl now it's called "al mostkbal".
I don't think our protests everyday will change anything in the current situation. We want every single help. We want to contact queen Sofia of Spain. I'm sure she'll never accept what's going on to her school & that she'll help us.

Just if you can help us in contacting her; you'll have offered your school a great favor.

I was a student at the EGC

I was a student at the EGC school from KG till Thanaweya Amma 2008. i missed the school too much it was the best days i ever lived in my whole lif.
by the way the Mai Ezz El din was graduated from EGC in 2008 also, her real name is Mahitab.

please help the EGC, if you have the power to do it

صدر قرار وزير التعليم رقم 475 بتاريخ 21/12/2010 بحل الجمعيات التعاونية التعليمية للمعاهد القومية لكل من كلية النصر للبنات ومدرسة ليسيه الحرية وتحويلهم إلى مدارس تجريبية..

هذا القرار يتعارض مع القانون رقم 1 لسنة 1990 بأن تلك المدارس تدار من خلال جمعيات ومجالس إدارة منتخبة من الأباء ولا تحل تلك المجالس إلا لأسباب محددة بالقانون المذكور ولم يتوفر أي سبب منها بالقرار الأخير..


1) Graduates: Wear BLACK
2) Students: COMPLETE UNIFORM either SPORTS or our GREY
* Get your BOOKS & COPYBOOK'S with you
* Whoever can get their parents PLEASE DO
* Each class make sure you have around 4 confident Decent GIRLS TO speak in the name of our EGC to TV & NEWSPAPERS' reporters
* DON'T BE ABSENT whatever we are doing we're ALL doing TOGETHER for the sake of our E.G.C's ..


I'm a graduate of E.G.C.

Hi Khaled,

Could my name be added to this great website as a graduate of our great School? I'm now working as Service Corporate Manager / British Pro-Consul at the British Consulate in Alexandria. I'm Hany El Messiry's sister by the way. Thanks a lot. waiting your reply.