Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

Here is a classic scam from Craigslist.They offer to buy your item you advertised via classified for more money than you ask for ($375 in my case, he offered $500).They even give you a bleeding heart story about wife dying in accident.

From: ike derico Alright,i live in North Georgia United State.Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i wont be making any repairs on it,i will like to offer you $500 including packing materials without you paying for any shipping charges b'cos i already have an account with FedEx,i would have loved to make the payment in cash and carry but we are not in the same state so i will like to go ahead with the payment by sending you a Money Order But i will need your contact infomation in which the money will be deliver ok.I wonna buy this [item name] for my step son to fulfill the promise his mum made before she died,i lost my lovely wife to an auto accident on 29th of June 2005 and since then i and her step son john have been living seperately and i want to buy this item for him because his mom promised him before death took her away from us and i think with this i and tobi can live as a family. Kindly get back to me immediately you receive my e-mail and i will like you to take it off craigslist for auction cos am serious in buying it.So let me have your full infomation ofr pyment to be made.... Best Regards. .I.Derico

Note how they can't pick up proper English names? I got another from 'ortega hanson'.




some smith send exactly same email and send my money 2200 for bayonets 1895 mannlicher their cost was 500 and if i ask him what to do with the rest of his money he tell my send on the rachelfowler memphis tn 38116 if i ask him for full adress include street he doesn't answer at my email what i need to do with the rest of his money and the bayonet ?? help my please CRAIIGLIST SCAMMER!!!


Thanks for the prompt response to my mail. I will be buying from you
so please kindly withdraw the advert from C.LIST to avoid
disturbance. Please be informed that i will be paying with a certified
check from my Bank it will be delivered to you via United Parcel
Service (UPS) or FedEx , so I'll need you to provide me with the
following information to facilitate the mailing of the check...

1.....Full name to write on the check
2.....Full Physical address to post the check
3.....City, State and Zip Code
4.....Home & Cell Phone to contact you

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your
money I am completely satisfied with the advert and the payment will
be delivered within 24hours.** I use a hearing impaired phone # and
will receive your calls via email **

N.B UPS/FedEx does not deliver to a P.O box addresses.Thanks


Cgaig's list scammer has another name

Grey Ruben []
Am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you,I have a family issue i was called that my wife was rush to an hospital and after several text perform on her, they discover that she has a breast cancer and they have to perform a surgical operation this has taken my time and money meanwhile, I would like to inform you that i have instructed my assistance to mail out the payment for the item which she did but there is something I think I must bring to your notice,I discovered that my assistant must have overpaid you.The payment meant for another transaction was sent to you and the one meant for you was sent to another but this was issue on your name so you have nothing to worry about. However, I want to believe I will not have problem with you on this and for us to complete this transaction in timely manner, Please when payment is received in the mail, I would like you to take it to your bank and cash it then deduct your money as we agreed on and get back to me so that i can arrange the pickup with my mover.

pickup will be done at your location as soon as payment is received and cashed,you can reach me on 917-508-7113 if any further information is needed.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your response will be appreciated.

Grey Ruben

GreyRuben / Jim hasson

Hi just received an offer the other day- thought it was a little off
So googled the email and found all this..
The first email was (Jim hasson) but was signed
Grey Ruben - then the second email was from the
The two emails were as follows:
******BUT I HAVE A QUESTION*** please answer.....
How is this scam work in the scammers favor??? He offered me the price of my item plus 50.00 for having to send a check.. But it doesn't seem to be the scam where they
Send you a check or money order that is way over the original price and ask you to send the extra money back and he never asked me to send the item before the check cleared and I would never and I don't think anyone with common sense would ever send items without the money first....SO.... How the hell does the scam work?? How would they benefit? Thx

I would like to know if you still have this item for sale.
Grey Ruben

Thanks for the response.I'm okay with the price and I will like to
know much about its present condition.I will have to issue out a
check in your name due to the distance between us..I do buy things on
Craigslist with cash but i pay with checks if its a long distance
transaction because the last time i tried mailing out cash via US
express mail it never got to the destination but i can assure you that
there won't be any problem of any kind because i don't mind waiting
for your bank to check-out the authenticity of check. . I don't mind
adding an extra $50just for you to keep it in my favor you will
receive payment within the next 2 business days Reply with your
full name and address where payment should be sent, and a phone number
where i can reach you. Please take the posting off Craigslist today
and consider it sold to me.
Expecting to hear from you soon.

the check is a fake.. but

the check is a fake.. but your bank will cash it.. then after 7 days they find out its a fake and charge the money to you.. so now your out the cash you sent him and the cash you got paid


I recevied a message today 9/17/12 about my Victorian cabinets I had for sale. I had two posting and he offered me a 50 dollar holding fee for both the cabinet plus the price I was asking. I was all for it till I thought maybe I should look him up and I did and it led me to this website. Thank god I found this or other wise I would have been screwed.

This is the message I recevied:

Thanks for your response,Am comfortable with the condition of the item am willing to add $50 plus your asking price for you to hold this item  for me because am very interested in buying it from you,i must let you understand am a busy person I own my business and i resume at office 7:45am to 6pm,i will be unable to come and look at it,i would appreciate if you can send the me recent  picture apart from the one on Craigslist and if not no problem just want to know the condition. I would make payment by Bank Certified Check which you can cash at your bank,i would appreciate if you can send me the details to mail out the check to you,It will only take 2 business days for you to receive the payment after i receive the details from you,After you receive payment and cash it t your bank,then i will arrange for the pickup because i have my Private Mover that will handle the pickup,they will be coming down for the pickup at your location.Once again i will make payment by Bank Certified check which i will instruct my account manager to get this sent over.Please provide me with your full Name,Address and your cell Phone number where you want the payment to be mailed out to.After i receive the details from you,i will give you a call to confirm the details,Please take the ads off Craigslist and consider it sold to me.Your response will be appreciated

Best Regards

This is a scam and please DO NOT FALL FOR IT!!

Another scanner

Thanks for the swift response, just to let you know that am okay with the condition and price of the item, am ready for its purchase and i know there might be other potential buyers so am willing to add extra $30 so that you can keep it in my favor.  My form of payment will be by sending you Check via courier mail.Pls do withdraw the advert from craigslist to avoid disturbance and to be rest assured on my side that i have bought it.

    I'll be responsible for the pick-up and the movers/pick up money will be included in your payment to avoid delay and to enable movers to schedule an appropriate time for the pick-up at your location after check has been cashed,as i have other properties to be moved alongside with yours.
I would have really love to come for the viewing but due to my work frame that might not be possible. kindly get back to me with your Full Name and Physical Address including your Cell and Home Number so i can make out payment to you.
I believe this is based on trust.

"Nicolas Ortega"

This guy just got me

This guy just got me too...and now I'm out 2 grand. The emails he
Sent me are identical to yours. If you find out any leads on him could you please let me know? Thanks

This guy tried to scam me as well!

This is the guy and this is what his email Michael Fariello

Thanks for the response.I am willing to pay your asking price.I will pay you with money order as its the only way i can pay you at the moment due to the fact that i am away for a family emergency.I will make arrangement for the pick-up after payment have been received by you. I dont mind adding an extra $20 just for you to keep it in my favor.Reply with your full name and address where payment should be sent,and a phone number where i can reach you.Please take the posting off craigslist today and consider it sold to me.
Expecting to hear from you soon.

Got the exact email from this

Got the exact email from this guy...... sucks! At least I found out he is a scammer before he got my item!!