Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

Here is a classic scam from Craigslist.They offer to buy your item you advertised via classified for more money than you ask for ($375 in my case, he offered $500).They even give you a bleeding heart story about wife dying in accident.

From: ike derico Alright,i live in North Georgia United State.Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i wont be making any repairs on it,i will like to offer you $500 including packing materials without you paying for any shipping charges b'cos i already have an account with FedEx,i would have loved to make the payment in cash and carry but we are not in the same state so i will like to go ahead with the payment by sending you a Money Order But i will need your contact infomation in which the money will be deliver ok.I wonna buy this [item name] for my step son to fulfill the promise his mum made before she died,i lost my lovely wife to an auto accident on 29th of June 2005 and since then i and her step son john have been living seperately and i want to buy this item for him because his mom promised him before death took her away from us and i think with this i and tobi can live as a family. Kindly get back to me immediately you receive my e-mail and i will like you to take it off craigslist for auction cos am serious in buying it.So let me have your full infomation ofr pyment to be made.... Best Regards. .I.Derico

Note how they can't pick up proper English names? I got another from 'ortega hanson'.



Additional information

Also beware of anyone that won't give you a phone number to contact you or if they do, they never answer the phone. Any true buyer or seller will gladly give you their contact information. I will post more when I discover them.

scammed by Williams T. Gulder

just got scammed from a sale on Craigslist by Williams G. Gulder; movers were listed as Pamela Lewis then changed to Toni Day. Took me for $1980!!!



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Hi Again ________,

I just received the tracking number and found out the payment will delivered today here is the FedEx tracking # 510908215020887 Please get back to me to confirm the delivery and also let me know if you got the instructions from my previous email.

Thanks Loren.

On Mon, Oct 29, 2012 at 4:50 PM, Loren B. McDonald wrote:
Hello _________,

Good morning, I will like to thank for your patience and honesty towards this transaction so far. Well, i believe my check should have been delivered to your place by now. The check is for $3,000.00 the over payment is meant to cover the cost of shipment for the Sailboat Mast - Z-Spar 40' alongside my other properties including tax and insurance plus the movers fee.

Here is the movers information you will be needing to send the rest of the money via money gram money transfer below.

Name : Kerri Beattie, Address :- 2045 N Marine Blvd Jacksonville, NC 28546

Do let me know your schedule for the week regarding pickup as i have some other properties to be moved alongside the Sailboat Mast - Z-Spar 40'.

Please do act accordingly as agreed, you are to go ahead and have the payment deposited into your account upon receipt, you might have to deposit it for a period of 24 hours if need be before the funds are made available to you. As soon as the funds is released you are to deduct your money for the Sailboat Mast - Z-Spar 40', make the rest fund available to the Coordinator in charge of the Pick up arrangement via Money gram money Transfer at any Walmart around you and get back to me with the transfer details below (as it appears on the receipt) so i can contact the movers for the pick-up at your location ....

You are to deduct the Money gram transfer charges from the overage and also $50 for yourself (meant for any hassle or run around) and you get back to me with the Sender's name and address (as it appears on the money gram receipt) 8 digit Reference number and the actual amount sent after deducting the transfer charges.

Hope i can trust you with the over payment? Your Honesty and transparency will be appreciated.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Loren B McDonald

Oddly enough, I also received a $2950 check from a guy identified as Loren B McDonald in his email. The check was from a Harry Davis & Company in Pittsburgh, PA though - signed by a Thomas Berger. I put the check in the bank and it apparently cleared! I called my bank and they said to wait at least a week because even though it looks like the funds are available, they might be taken back if the check bounces. If the person above is still reading this, who and where was your actual check from? Maybe Loren B McDonald is actually legit?!

two scammers addresses

keep away from this thief as well

Jared Rashid []

Craigslist scammer who offers more than item is worth,

I did not fall for it, thanks to doing some internet research. Identical to the above, he offered to pay 350 for a 300 dollar flute. Would have "personal mover" pick it up.

Names / emails he contacted me by:

Jim Torstenson


Brian Jones - FRAUD

This guy emailed me from about if my gaming system was still available. He emailed back from a different email address and different name with that old "im out of town and ill send you a check" ..... BS if you ask me.

Craigslist Scams

I have a huge list..

There's Jim Torstenson who's claiming he's working too many long hours at work. I told him I'm a college student and can pull all nighters, I can meet him anywhere at any time to exchange items, with cash in hand. He never responded after that. I looked that name up, found out he's scammed some people.

There's Sara Leigey, she has a nephew in Africa that'd she like to ship the item to.

Keep in mind, this one guy got the goods that he wanted. I posted $500 for two laptops that both were half broken. What ended up happening was he and I exchanged PayPal accounts (I've never used PayPal) and he ended up hacking the system and sending me fake accounts. He made the PayPal's money status claim that funds were approved and that all I needed to do was provide the tracking number. The emails were very legitamate. I've never dealt with PayPal. I thought it'd be trustworthy. The copywright was on them and everything. PayPal can't reinburs me because the emails were not through PayPal. The only way to tell if the emails were from a stranger is if you allow your cursor to sit over the "from" selection of the email the addresses are not the same. I'm not doing this again. Also, USPS is so disorganized that they ended up losing track of my item even though I shipped it 5 hours before I wanted to recall it back. I sent it priority. Needless to say, I've learned my lesson. The guy didn't give me his name. His phone number is:646-481-5769


Paypal has to send you an email that you were paid. Not that funds are available. It is not the buyer who tells you that funds are available. A buyer will tell you anything. With Paypal you don't have to give out any of your information. That is one thing they BRAG about, keeping your personal info. safe and the buyer's also. With Paypal you type in the buyer's email address and Paypal will send a request to the buyer for payment, at which point F*ck#ing Barry4 does not pay and chooses another username and the same parameters: I will pay you more, I need it urgently, I will pay for shipping. Keep in mind anybody who is really paying will NOT want to pay you MORE. Come on!!!