Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price

Here is a classic scam from Craigslist.They offer to buy your item you advertised via classified for more money than you ask for ($375 in my case, he offered $500).They even give you a bleeding heart story about wife dying in accident.

From: ike derico Alright,i live in North Georgia United State.Am quite comfortable with the condition of the item since i wont be making any repairs on it,i will like to offer you $500 including packing materials without you paying for any shipping charges b'cos i already have an account with FedEx,i would have loved to make the payment in cash and carry but we are not in the same state so i will like to go ahead with the payment by sending you a Money Order But i will need your contact infomation in which the money will be deliver ok.I wonna buy this [item name] for my step son to fulfill the promise his mum made before she died,i lost my lovely wife to an auto accident on 29th of June 2005 and since then i and her step son john have been living seperately and i want to buy this item for him because his mom promised him before death took her away from us and i think with this i and tobi can live as a family. Kindly get back to me immediately you receive my e-mail and i will like you to take it off craigslist for auction cos am serious in buying it.So let me have your full infomation ofr pyment to be made.... Best Regards. .I.Derico

Note how they can't pick up proper English names? I got another from 'ortega hanson'.



Scam by

Just had a email from this clown going under the name of Mrs kendall lindsey wanting to buy my wife's wedding dress without seeing it or trying it on. Thought it was dodgy due to terrible English and grammar so Googled email address and needless to say they are not now purchasing the dress thanks guys

I have received the following

I have received the following email this morning. on replying his question " how old the item is" from "Stephen McIntyre"

Thanks for the mail, I will like to purchase your item note you will not be responsible for the handling and shipping of the item, my shipping company will come to your location for the pick up kindly confirm to me with your full name and address so that I can have it forward to the shipping company for them to calculate the shipping cost to me for the shipping to commence on time right?


Roger Serena trying2con me for my ring im selling on craigslist

Roger Serena is using this email "" and "julicoy4" WATCH OUT!

My email to him (Maria to;

Get a REAL JOB Loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not every1 is STUPID! you dumb B&t%H!!!!
Maria to

I cut and pasted what I found to my reply email;

"2012 Rogers Cup Montreal ... - Uniprix Stadium, Montreal, QC
Another scam via Craigslist: offering more than asking price | The ...

Khalid Baheyeldin

by Khalid Baheyeldin - in 885 Google+ circles - More by Khalid Baheyeldin
Now they have changed the name to ROGER SERENA but still signs the letter ... And concerning the payment, i will prefer PayPal because i don't have access ..."

-----Original Message-----
From: Roger S
To: Maria
Sent: Tue, Jul 3, 2012 1:52 pm
Subject: Re: Wedding Ring 2band4her go "BIG" or go Home - $5500 (wdld/Sac)

Thanks for your response and am glad to know that it is still for sale.However i have few questions on the item you are selling.

1,I would like to know the reason you are selling it...?

2,What is the current condition of the item..?

3,What is your price, though am alright with the listed price..?

4,Do you have the original box and the receipt for it ..?

5,I will be responsible for the fees of the shipping,packaging and your transport expenses(i will add $200.00). I'm out of town to visit my sick grandma and i would like to purchase it from you as a Birthday Gift to one of my friend in Oversea via USPS International Express Mail Service (3-5days)

6,Get back to me with your PayPal Email id for the instant payment, .If you do not have a PayPal account, you can set one up free of charge by going to and set up your account it is free,easy and guarantee transaction safety.Once you send me your PayPal email account, I will send you the payment.

Hope to hear back from you asap.

Best Regards,


Yes It is still available.
Here is the link with info and pics

Thank You


-----Original Message-----
From: roger serena
To: qv9fk-3112646957
Sent: Mon, Jul 2, 2012 8:56 pm
Subject: Wedding Ring 2band4her go "BIG" or go Home - $5500 (wdld/Sac)

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

Hi ,
How're you doing and how was your night?? Do you still have your listed
merchandise for sale?? If Yes,send me so details about it and pix if
available... Thank you. RS

This message was remailed to you via:
If this email is a scam or spam please flag it now:

Fraud Email

Received an email from a Stephen McIntyre email address of: and another from the same name but the email address was He offered to purchase after I answered his questions in the first email and then requested all of my personal information in the second email to find out how much it would cost to ship...

Watch for Anita Ford, also...

This person has two separate scam letters she sends but they always start with an initial reply of
"What is your best price for your listed equipment? . ASAP" . From there you will receive one of two different payment requests.

Good to have your reply. I am anita ford gunior, from Topeka, KS.and
would have loved to come and inspect this at your place myself, but I
am a marine engineer and presently off-shore. I am interested in
buying this for my son in Ohio as a surprise birthday gift and pls
just make sure it is in condition described. I will appreciate more
pictures if available and will be sending your money asap. My shipper
will be available to pick this up as soon as payment is made. Do you
have paypal account? because, I have a paypal account that I can
easily send money through because, its good for business payments. Get
back to me with your paypal email address and name in order for me to
have your money sent on time. Confirm sale to me and remove the add
from posting.

255 NW Capitol View Ter
Topeka, KS


Thank for your mail. Am satisfied with your advert price, as are
questing this transaction should be done via PayPal so the PayPal
charges is on me. Get back to me with your PayPal email and your name
or send me PayPal invoice so i can pay you right away as soon as i
conclude with my shipper, For more inquiry or information contact my
shipper (carrier) on 561-767-4742. I am always busy at work and do not
have much time around me to make or answer calls. Make sure you get
back to me so that we can arrange for pick up as i will like the item
to be picked at your residence location. Confirm the sales to me by
removing it from the CL post and i will like more pics.

Fort Carson Field,
4th Engineer Battalion.
Military in Colorado


There is no Fort Carson Field in Colorado and there's no B-18.

They insist on using PayPal and having a Shipper pick the item up. These people are bad news.

I did let them pick it up

Can you guess what I had them pick up? A conseal bag with my dog poops :D

Scammers are EVERYWHERE!

I almost got scammed too, but thank god for all of you posters! Similar generic email..."i want your item, i'm leaving for London, my assistant will contact you, and I will pay you more than the actual item for your inconvenience." Something told me to google the email address... I think it was the "please send me all of your contact info," I really don't like that. Since the email stated that an assistant would contact me, I wrote back stating I'd rather meet up w/the assistant. Didn't hear back.

Anyhow... here are the scam names and email addresses.

original name = t i, email= When I replied, the email chgd to: name = JOHN BISHOP, email =

2nd contact -
Original name - Desiree Sherle, email -, BUT she signs with the name Eva Bedford and it's sent via an iPhone.
I replied, and the email chgd to: Name - Annabel Adamek, email -

3rd contact (just now) -
original name - Holly Kemp, email:
Signs with Cheyenne Mcneil in the email body

Hope this helps everyone!

i just got the same thing now

i just got the same thing now and i decided to google the email and i email him wondering if we could meet in person

Craigslist scammers continue

Just got a text to my phone from (971)259-6457

He/she reposts the subject line of the item I'm selling, then the next text was:

"still up for sale kindly get back to me via my email box ( ) this is my sister number that is why let me know the final asking price."

I didn't respond after googling the email and fining this site. All improper punctuation and grammar, such low life fools.

Oh my gosh, I got this exact

Oh my gosh, I got this exact same text "little sister's number, email me here" and have the same email:, from STEPHANIE HALL. I googled 'her' email and only got threads reporting/discussing craiglist scams, sicne I knew the offer was complete bull since I'm selling an old DS with some games, and the person says this:

"Great!. I'm going on a business trip but I will instruct my assistant to prepare and mail your payment which I'm sure you will get in about 2-3 days business days. I'll add $20 extra for the delay. I'll pay by M O or cashier check so send me your info (i.e full name, mailing address and your phone number) so payment can be mailed out immediately. I will also make arrangement for pick-up which will be after you must have received and cashed the payment.Awaiting your info."

Really? I put 'cash ONLY' on my listing, plus why would some apparently wealthy business woman have an assistant do all of this for an old and used Nintendo DS? Luckily I found this thread before replying back to the email for the final offer. This is ridiculous.