List of famous graduates of E.G.C.

Do you know someone who graduated from the E.G.C. that turned out to be a famous personality?If so, please add a comment below with the name and year they graduated, and a brief introduction on why this person is famous. 



Famous E.G.C graduates

Good afternoon Mr.bahey,
well, now in Egypt it's 2 p.m.,I'm an egyptian canadian E.G.C. graduate too.I was graduated from our school in the class of 2001-2002.I gratfully thank you for this partition to our dear beloved school E.G.C. .Concerning other famous people graduated from our school,I can name two new actresses:May Ezz-Eldin and Ola Ghanem,who became extremley famous in the last five years for doing a lot of favorable movies here in Egypt.Also,the young singer:Souma,who has a sweet loving voice.I hope my addition to your comment board prove to be useful.

Ola Ghanem


Ola Ghanem is graduated from el manar language school::

List of Famous Graduates

Among the Famous Graduates I remember
His Royal Majesty King Hussein of Jordan
Omar El Sherif (World wide Actor)
I am Doa Habib Ex.EGC and a member of EGC Association since declaration 1986.
Excuse my Amnesia as far as I remember Among My Class-mates

Iman Ismail / Amira El Barshoumy/ Hala Hassan/ Amal Abdallah/ Azza El Fayoumy/ Mounira El Menshawy ( we are relatives in the family now )/ Paula Jellato/ Sherine Roushdy / Nidaa Hassan/ Elizabeth Bostagy/ Nelly / Nancy Tawfiq/Nevine Haky/ Nermeen Hanno/Abir Abdelaziz/Nadia Afifi/ Gihan Fahmy/Amal El Essawy/ Ingy Bassiouny/ Nahla ( Mrs Dr.Ahmad Magdy Beddah)

Omar Baheyeldin ( we are relatives Maternal )/ Hatem Nashaat ( We meet occaisionly)/Ahmed Barakat ( Met him soon "sorry" I didn't know him because his hair style changed .. /Karim El Garhy / Hani El Masry/ Hani El Messiry/ Wael Gama ( We met before he leaves to Cairo and now in Dubai I think) /Khaled El Agroudy ( We meet often) / Mohamed Abdallah/ Wael Helaly/ Ezz El Din / Ashraf Luxor/ Sabry / Haleem Fansa


Salamat Doa

Nice to hear from you, hope Amr and Mohamed are fine, as well as your mom and dad too.

The names you listed are all familiar because they are classmates of Omar, my younger brother.

I don't think King Hussein or Omar El Sharif ever went to the EGC. There graduated from Victoria College though at the other end of town.
Khalid Baheyeldin

Doa Habib passed away

It is with great sadness that I report that Doa Habib has passed away on 23 November 2008.

She was coming back from a business conference in Lebanon with a few colleagues in a bus, and on the desert road there was a terrible accident and they died.

Doa was active in psychiatry, and some of her papers can be found via Google.


It seems that there is some confusion between VC and ECG. Omar El Sherif and King Hussien, both graduated from VC and they have never been to ECG. Remember that ECG was a girls` college in their time. I have worked in VC and ECG. King Hussien came and visited VC and erected a thank-you monument table at the entrance of his school. It is still there till today. I have worked in ECG with Ms Aenam El Dafrawy. Queen Sophia came and visited the school during that period. By the way she and Ms Aenam used to be classmates. The real problem I have seen with the schools is that people who became rich very fast and have no educational background (no offence some of them are trying hard to make their kids` future better) are harming the schools systems by their money. Private lessons and exceptions from the schools rules are eating the old beautiful English rules. And yes, some of the teachers have given up to the new rich class pressure and they are no longer doing their job right.

ahmad barakat

guys any one know how can i contact ahmad barakat pls send me a phone number or fb or something thanx

EGC Graduate

I was a student at the EGC school in early 70s till mid 80s. I never visited the school since my graduation. I am an Egyptian -American, I remember the headmistress Mrs Ann Khalaf allah, her residence was at the school the entrance next to the library. My parents used to forget picking me up after school and i end up sitting in her back yard eating cookies heheheheh. She was a marvelous woman.

EGC Institute

I remember Mrs. Ann Khalafallah, she was principal of the EGC Institute as well. Did you receive any response to your e-mail 6/17/2008 inquiring about her and the school? I am trying to contact anyone at the EGC Institute or the EGC school. I would appreciate any form of source... e-mail, address or phone number.

Thank you in advance,

Huge EGC Reunion _ 30 July 2010

There's a Huge EGC Reunion for ALL graduates on Friday 30th of July 2010
maybe you'll be able to get in touch with old friends