Mon, 2006/06/12 - 06:23

my best year in school was this year i really loved it soo much and it was the easiest year to make new relations with colleagues and teachers and my friends in class were so funny and friendly i wanna tell them all that i love them soo much and i hope we'll be friends for ever and i also hope my relation with my teachers will grow.
my best day:all the days of trips
my best colleague:pance
my best teacher:sir haytham
that's all for now

Mon, 2006/06/12 - 18:05

i just forgot to say sth that my best colleague is all my friends in class but my best best is pance cause we understood each other very well this year so no one get sad for any reason
i love you all guys i love sema,pance,bessa,jiji,maro,noo,nour and nisha

Sun, 2006/07/16 - 03:44

I'm an ex-egcian.

I leave it 11 years ago but i cant forget it. I hope that my daughter can join it as well this year .

Tue, 2006/08/08 - 08:04

i won't say i loved you like any other one i will say i love you & will love you forever you gaved me a lot of things that helps me in my life a word of thanks is not enough i know that but i promise to ask Allah to give you the power to be always the best
your daughter

Fri, 2007/05/04 - 22:38

i stayed in the EGC for more than 11 years i gave me a lot it made people look at me and be puzzeled of my way in speaking like british citizens i will never forget the assmblies the meetings the dinning room the library the labs the singing room the art room the play grounds the swimming pool all the boarding house and even the patio where we used to salute the flage and listen to that woman mrs ennam eldefrawy which tought us how to speak to move to walk and how to proud of being A student in the EGC so iwant u all to think before u say anything bad and to try to solve if you can and for you i share you the love of this glorious EGC

Tue, 2008/10/07 - 04:23

hi,it's good 2 know u still think highly of the were u a boarder?plz let me know

Mon, 2007/02/05 - 22:36

Ah EGC my LOVE!! I went to EGC from Kindergarden till 9th grade then i moved to the USA, i think 1993 was the year i left EGC. I was in class with Ziad Bahaa, Ahmed Dardiry, Sherine Fahmy, Ahmed Bayoumi, Khaled Gom3a, Ramouna Rashid, Pereen Hamza, Mirette Selim, Aliya Nigm...these are a few of the names i remember. I finally visited Egypt after 14 years of being away, and i went to EGC...and it was nothing like how it was...all these young girls were mohagabat (i'm muslim but don't understand why little girls have to wear higab) the school looked dirty and there were no boys looked like a low class school :(


my blog.


Wed, 2007/04/25 - 04:04

Subahanallah tarek!!!!! Your statements tell us that you are the one who is truly low class!!! You said: "...all these young girls were mohagabat (i'm muslim but don't understand why little girls have to wear higab) the school looked dirty and there were no boys looked like a low class school :("

So, what I understand from your words is that for a woman to be considered "high class" she must mix freely with men and walk down the halls of her school dressed like a hooker. May Allah save all the Muslims from your perverted ideas! How can you call young Muslim girls who are striving to obey Allah and protect their modesty low class, when you show yourself with that naked girl on your website. So who is truly low class?!?!?

Wed, 2007/04/25 - 09:40

This kind of personal attack is not acceptable. Tarek is expressing an opinion, and never called the girls with head scarves low class, but rather the school as a whole. You have taken his comment and extrapolated it into another direction by putting words in his mouth.If you want to criticize someone, then at least mention your name, rather just being anonymous. He mentioned his name. Can you do the same?-- Khalid Baheyeldin

Sun, 2008/03/02 - 20:53

Your narrow minded and simply illogical! I never called the Mohagabat Low Class! and when someone does not agree with Hijab it does not mean they think women should be dressed like hookers!! Your Radical Wahabi Salafi ways show how far Egypt has gone down the drain! We were once happy people, Religion in our heart and our actions, now its just all about showing off who is "More Muslim" and attacking people who do not do what the Stupid WAHABI SALAFI way dictates!!!

How sad, its all because of all the people who went to the Gulf in the 80's to work, they came back with silly radical Wahabi Salafi mentalities and decended on Egypt and Egypts youth like the night!! how sad!! Ya khosara ya Masr.....How the hell do we see that disgusting nikab in a country like Egypt?? it should be outlawed! Not in Islam and not in our culture...its wahabi, Arab backward disgusting culture! Just an Example