Mistaken Identity: Help with Kenmore Water Heater

Here is an email I got today:

The pilot to my water heater has shut off for no reason. It won't stay lit, even when I attempt to light it. The type is a Kenmore Mixer 6.Please get back to me asap, and tell me if this is a serious problem or if it is a minor detail that can be fixed at home.Thank you for your time,Fernando D.

Probably because of my post on Fixing a Sears Kenmore Water Softner.




the Powermiser 6 is a piece. Sears sucks.

It is not sears fault, they

It is not sears fault, they buy the WH they sell from the same suppliers that Lowe's and Home Depot do. They all have the same guts, all from the same plants in China or Mexico. Give Sears a break, they are no worse or better than any other retailer. They all suck. But yet we shop there anyway....

Sears Power Miser 6 Gas Hot Water Heater / No Pilot

These stories are the same as mine! I purchased my hot water heater about two years ago (model # 153.336565) from sears and now the pilot will not stay lit. When I called their teck support number I spoke to an A.O. Smith Rep who was not much help, mostly double talk. (Their story is that the thermocouple is designed to minimize the chances of an explosion if some type of accelerant is exposed to the air intake of the hot water heater in which case it would shut down the pilot instantly. This makes it extremely sensitive to minor changes in the pilot fame. Also they say you need at least 15’’to 18’’ of rise to the flue to obtain the correct draw for the burner assembly. This also eliminates any moister problems)
Overall, I Think A.O. Smith was told by Sears to use a cheap design to reduce their cost and in turn improve their profit margin.
I would love to see a class action suit against Sears regarding this matter!
I cannot see having their repairman come to my house and charge me $85.00 to install a free part. I will review the warranty much closer next time!
So I have ordered a new burner assembly for $85.00 and will install it myself.
Yea I know….what is the difference!

hot water tank

just installed a water softener. now to put water heater tank on but pilot will not light. now no hot water. been a long day - help anyone.


Sears hot water heaters are a piece of @@@@@@@

I purchased a Power Miser 6 Sears hot water heater 1n Oct 2004 and it has been repaired a total of 3 times. The first time it was repaired was Sept 2005 less that a year later it cost me $80.00 because this was mu regular plummer. This time the entire polit control val went out and the plummer stated that the part was still under warranty that all I needed to do was call Sears give the part and model # and the part would be shipped to me. Wrong I spent 2hrs on the phone in an effort to get a customer service rep to help with the problem. I spoke to 10 reps were given 6 different phone numbers and hung up on 4 times still no satisfaction from anyone. What I was told was that I needed a service tech to come out and check the part to be sure that it was defected and only he could order the part from the manufacture. Never mind that my plummer was licensed I would have to pay for a second opinion at the cost of $59.00. To order the part my self it would cost $65.00 that included express shipping and handling. I was told that if it was installed by someone other than a Sears repairman that the warranty would not be covered. My response to that was I did not give a rat's @@@@ the warranty was not worth a @@@@. As much as I have spent on this water heater it would not hurt me to buy another from some place else. I will never by another appliance from Sears ever, ever, ever, again will not recommend that any one I know or every come across in this life and any other by a Sears appliance. I also bought a dryer from Sears in Feb of 2006 it stopped heating after one year so you can understand why I never, never, never, want another Sears appliance in my house. Signed pissed off!!!!!

read your owners manual &

read your owners manual & keep the air supply screens clean

They can take their owner's

They can take their owner's manual and shove it up their candy little butts

your info

The screens in the owners manual are the ones on the outside of the bottom of the unit. Nowhere in the manual or on the "Manage My Home" website does it make any reference to the metal screen located directly below the burner. This is the source of 90% of these problems.

If you have a compressor with a few tricked out blower tips and an a$$ kicking shop vacuum with cool attachments this is a doable maintenance service. Also a narrow foot-long brush with short stiff bristles at a 90 degree angle will help.
If you're an everyday Joe with ordinary tools, you're sh!t out of luck.

I'm sorry but your suggestions are very Sears like.

NO, that is not it. I clean

NO, that is not it. I clean mine ONCE A WEEK and the arrestor. Same problem still occurs. It is the first course of action but after that..............good luck. Funny, a person has to clean thier water heater every week.

sounds like a sears

sounds like a sears repairman!!!!!!!!