Mistaken Identity: Help with Kenmore Water Heater

Here is an email I got today:

The pilot to my water heater has shut off for no reason. It won't stay lit, even when I attempt to light it. The type is a Kenmore Mixer 6.Please get back to me asap, and tell me if this is a serious problem or if it is a minor detail that can be fixed at home.Thank you for your time,Fernando D.

Probably because of my post on Fixing a Sears Kenmore Water Softner.



we have the same problem

we have the same problem with a sears powermiser 12.

Started having to relight it several times per day as soon as the warranty expired.

Cannot get sears person out, and have been given the runaround for three months on this.

Our last water heater was in our home for thirty years before it had to be replaced, and NOT ONCE did we have to relight the pilot.

We will NEVER purchase another product from Sears!!!!!!

we have the same problem

A typical water heater lasts 13 years. Even if you flushed it out regularly and changed the Anode rod every three years I would still have a hard time believing that a water heater could last 30 years not to mention how inefficient and expensive, compared to modern heaters, it would be to operate.

sears water heater

type Kenmore Mixer 6

Pilot went out; cannot be restarted

I had the same problem

I had the same problem . It was caused by the screen at the bottom of the heater being clogged up with dust. Just pop out the screen and clean it and put it back in.

The pilot will not stay lit if it does not have enough air. These new heaters are totally sealed with hardly any air being able to get inside.

water heater

i have a kenmore powermiser6 upper element getting correct voltage lower element not getting 240volt upper control not sending power down.do i need to replace upper control? also does an electric water heater have a pilot light

I had the same problem

I had the same problem within the first 2 months with mine. they replaced all of the lower guts under water and it WAS ok.

Now one year later I have the same problem. I will never buy another Sears W.H. AW

The lower heating element

The lower heating element only receives the full 240 volts when the upper thermostat is satisfied and the lower thermostat is calling for heat.

Kenmore Water Heater Pilot Light

I just spent $185.00 trying to get the pilot light on my Kenmore Power Miser 9 to stay lit. After replacing the thermocouple/pilot light assembly and the gas control valve, I learned by calling the Sears Tech Support that the problem was likely caused by lint collecting in the vents at the flame arrestor located at the bottom of the heater. They email me instructions on how to clean. It was as simple as using a twisted wire brush like a bottle brush or a commode brush and sweeping the bottom of the flame arrestor through the vents on the bottom of the unit. This fixed my heater. My owners manual that came with the heater did not mention anything about having to clean the flame arrestor. You may contact Sears Tech at 877-800-5804 for a copy of the instructions.

I had the same problem,

I had the same problem, pilot would not stay lit.
The pilot flame was very weak. On inspecting, I noticed that a flame was coming out of the side of the pilot mounting nut.
I removed the thermostat, and 2 gas lines that leave the gas valve, pulled out the assembly, and I found that there is a small hole in the pilot mounting nut (probably for mixing in air). (It attaches the pilot to the gas line). The hole had a piece of dirt in it that was diverting the pilot gas out the side hole. I disassembled, blew out the dust, and so far it is OK. Flame looks better. So far, the pilot stays lit.
I did sniff at the gas line connections that I reconnected and they smell OK. I have some soap solution to test for gas leaks.
So, $185 saved.
On my 3 calls to Sears, they pushed pretty hard for someone to come out, but that would have cost $85. The 800 generic sears number denied that there was technical support for the water heater. The 877 number is on the tank though.
Although the tank is warranted 9 years for leaks, precious little else is, other than for 1 year.

Pilot won't stay on

I had the same problem with the pilot. I cleaned all the vents and still had the same problem. I pulled off the small gas line feeding the pilot and blew compressed air through the line to clean out any foreign objects. Its seems to be working now.