Mistaken Identity: Help with Kenmore Water Heater

Here is an email I got today:

The pilot to my water heater has shut off for no reason. It won't stay lit, even when I attempt to light it. The type is a Kenmore Mixer 6.Please get back to me asap, and tell me if this is a serious problem or if it is a minor detail that can be fixed at home.Thank you for your time,Fernando D.

Probably because of my post on Fixing a Sears Kenmore Water Softner.



Sears water heater

My water heater was purchased one and half years ago and I have had the gas compnay out 3 times and stayed on the phone and argued with sears for months. Finally I gave in and they sent out a smart alec tech who has worked for them 20 years and replaced the igniter and tells me that all water heaters are made this way now with enclosed flame and that is why it goes out 4 or 5 times a year. He said I need to replace the duct work to be capatible. I had my former water heater for 20 years and never had a problem. I cancelled my charge card with Sears and will never buy a thing from them. Theydo not back their product, they are rude, and they really don't care!!!!!. Right now my water heater is out and i cant get a hold of anyone, when you call you have a 45 minute wait on hold. Yes, I am really ready for a class action suit....;

fvir water heaters

the tech was right you do have a drafting promblem. but it's not the duct work. you have to keep the flame arrestor clean to achieve a good upflow of air into your heat exchanger and out the flue. a water heater vacuum brush the air intake flame arrestor clean. cleaning should be done twice a year.

thermocouple problem

Same problem her I have relaced the thermocouple twice in the last 6 month and out again .count on me for the law sue

Sears model 153.339462 40 gal. powermiser 9 pilot light trouble

I have a powermiser 9 that has the same pilot light problem. The unit is just over three years old. It seems like the burner shutting off blows out the pilot light! I'm sick of re-lighting it. I'm in on any action against sears and American water heater company. This unit is garbage and has been from day one. the public needs to be warned! And we need a new hot water heater.

same problem

I have the same problem. I fixed it for now by turning the pilot nob clockwise while watching the burner flames until the flames become smaller. weird but seems to work.

Power Miser 9 problem

My first Sears hot water heater did the same thing. They couldn't fix it, so they replaced it, and a year later, it's not staying lit again....the first time around, they tried to tell me it's the vent, but the second heater worked a year, and the water heater before that one, worked for almost 20 years. I only changed it, because I was remodeling my bath room, and just installed a new water softner. The heater was full of rust...etc....anyway, don't let them blame the vent...not so, or the heater would have never worked in the first place.

Kenmore Hot water heater Model 153.336465

If everyone is have problem with this hot water heater I think they should recall them and replace them for free. Everyone you talk to has the same problem with the pilot lot not staying on and having to replace the thermal cuppler and then it doesn,t work. sears should definitely do something. I am so frustrated!!! Kenmore is no longer a good buy!! I`m am widow and shouldn`t have to put out the money I don`t have to replace a piece of junk.


The burner assembly needs to be replaced.(Maybe a recall on them.)
Check by calling 1 800 877-6420.

you need to replace

you need to replace gas/control valve thermostat